September 24, 2012

Talkin' Baseball: That Clinching Feeling

49er16: I gotta admit the Giants clinching the division with 10 games to play feels really weird. I was at the ballpark when they clinched and the environment was like, "Yay!" and that's it. Felt much more jubilant in 2010.

The Colonel: Well 2010 they really had to fight for a playoff spot. This year they just blew by the Dodgers and never looked back. The amazing thing about this Giants team is that they have no problem scoring runs, they just can't hit home runs. Where the 2010 team could hit home runs but couldn't score if it wasn't a home run.

49er16: This pitching staff scares me though. They've had their moments where they look great, but they can also look pretty shitty. Feels extra weird not having to worry about the hitters but worrying about the pitchers with the Giants.

The Colonel: Yeah all the pitchers this year has had their moments where that made me cringe. They seem though to be pitching consistent right now and the bullpen is playing really well. I like them in the playoffs.

49er16: MVP debates are completely maddening and pointless. I made this my point in my "Frenchy for MVP" post. Why do we care who wins the MVP?

The Colonel: Well when such greats like Willie Hernandez and George Bell won the award, it matters. In all seriousness I don't care about who wins the MVP either. Both Trout and Cabrera have earned the award, it's pointless to put down one guy in favor of the other. 

49er16: Do you think the Triple Crown is a achievement though?

The Colonel: I think it's a cool achievement especially since it hasn't been done since the 1960's. Should that be the sole reason to give Cabrera the MVP? I don't think so. I believe to be an MVP you need to have a great season not just in the batter's box but in the field. Cabrera doesn't cut it in the field.

49er16: Man the AL Central race is a grease fire inside a car wreck. The White Sox have lost 5 in a row but the Tigers are still not in first place.

The Colonel: I thought we agreed to never talk about that division?

49er16: Oh, right.

The Colonel: I know you were driving to the stadium yesterday, but did you get a chance to listen to the end of that A's-Yankees game? That might be the game of the season with all the comebacks and blown leads.

49er16: Yeah we listened to that game. Home runs were flying out of that ballpark like they were both just taking batting practice.

The Colonel: Could you imagine how bad New York smells when it's humid and raining? I bet it smells like a gas station bathroom during days like Saturday. Hell I would be all those east coast cities would smell during a day like yesterday.

49er16: So can we just assume that New York will win the AL East and the Orioles will win the 2nd Wild Card spot?

The Colonel: Not yet, besides the Orioles don't deserve to make the playoffs because they don't follow the "process" of sabermetrics.

49er16: I see you read that Baseball Prospectus pieces complaining about the Orioles possibly making the playoffs even though they don't deserve it because "OH MY GOSH THEY DIDN'T FOLLOW THE ALMIGHTY SABERMETRIC PROCESS!"

The Colonel: I did and I have to say it's those type of pieces that makes me hate advance stat writers. They're just so snooty. Hey I have news for you, if the teams with the best rosters made the playoffs every year it would only be the Yankees and Dodgers/Angels. Now go fuck off.

49er16: I do like the thought of these advance stat writers sitting on their couch looking at the up-to-the-minute stats on their computer while watching the Orioles win gnashing their teeth. And you know the 2010 Giants winning the championship pissed them off.

The Colonel: That's one of the reasons why if the Orioles make it to the playoffs, I'll be rooting for them hard if they don't face the Giants in the World Series. I want to see the O's win just to piss off the stat geeks. Some of them might even destroy their computers.

49er16: I like advance stats, but they're not a be all, end all for me personally. And I don't sit there with my hands over my head wondering why the Orioles are successful because of the Pythagorean theory. The stat nerds should appreciate the fact that the Orioles have played above their heads, that they made smart signings with guys like Chen and Hardy, and that they brought up their top prospect to help them. Just because the Orioles are playing well above what you predicted to be, doesn't mean you should crap all over them.



  1. Oh man I forgot Willie Hernandez won the MVP. I'm glad there hasn't been a MVP given to a closer since Eck won it in the early 90's.

  2. And the phonebooth will host the semi finals and finals of the World Baseball Classic this March.

    1. Oh that World Baseball Classic crap is plastered all over that stadium.