September 25, 2012

Baseball Broadcaster Impressions: Biased Announcers

Oh you thought I was done with Baseball Broadcaster Impressions, did ya? Well I also thought I was done until today when the Wall Street Journal published an article on biased announcers. You won't believe who is number one.

I know you're just shocked, SHOCKED!, that the White Sox are number one on the list. I did find it surprising that the Indians were ranked 2nd since well their announcers hardly ever speak. The Pirates crew definitely has a homer in Steve Blass. The Astros announcers have homer tendencies, but not in a annoying way. I was surprised to see Washington higher on the list. The WSJ obviously hasn't listened to Carpenter enough. 

Overall I didn't make much of this list. Let's see them give impressions for each broadcasting team individually


  1. That's the quote they came up with to prove the Giants are biased?

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  3. I refuse to believe they watched a full 9 innings on YES or NESN and didn't catch a single homer comment.