May 20, 2011

Community Draft Board: Games I Would Re-Watch Before the World Ended

Time to break out the community draft board again. EDSBS asked an honest question yesterday, "With the world ending on Saturday, what games would you go back and re-watch?" Remember the community draft board is a board featuring a certain number of choices and then you rank which one you would pick first. So without further ado, here's the games I would re-watch if the world ends tomorrow.

1. 2010 NLCS, Game 6, Giants-Phillies: The 2010 NLCS was an epic six game donnybrook. Cody Ross became became a legend. Pablo Sandoval being overweight would no longer be tolerated. Philly fans cat-calling Lincecum. Matt Cain continuing to shut teams down in the postseason. Roy Halladay pitching injured in Game 5. The epic game 4 which saw both teams blow leads eventually leading up to Roy Oswalt give up the game-winning run in the ninth inning.
Game 6 though will go down as my favorite game I've ever watched and the first game I would watch before the world ended. Here's a rundown of what happened in that classic.

- The Phillies scored twice at the beginning of the game giving every Giants fan the same thought, "The Giants are going to blow this."

- The Giants responded by tying the game thanks to a missed play by Shane Victorino and Placido Polanco.

- Jonathon Sanchez and Chase Utley both acting like jerks, leading to the benches clearing, and the removal of Sanchez in the third inning.

- Jeremy Affeldt coming into the game to relieve Sanchez, Affeldt had stunk the entire year which made Giants fans worry about him entering this game, and shutting down the Phillies in the third and fourth inning.

- Giants starting pitcher Madison Bumgarner making a two inning relief apperance in the fifth and sixth innings and getting out of a jam in both innings.

- Javier Lopez continuing his dominance of the Phillies left-handed hitters in the seventh inning.

- Juan Uribe hitting his first opposite field home run of the year against Ryan Madson in the eighth inning, giving the Giants the 3-2 lead.

- Tim Lincecum making a relief appearance in the eighth inning, striking out Jayson Werth, but allowing two base runners with one out. Which lead to Brian Wilson making an appearance to make the 5-out save.

- Wilson got out of the jam in the eighth inning thanks to Aubrey Huff turning a double play.

- The game would not be complete though unless Wilson tortured Giants fans by allowing two base runners in the bottom of the ninth with two outs. Ryan Howard worked a 3-2 count which looking back had to be destiny. Wilson threw a perfect cutter and Howard took the pitch and was called out on strike three. The Giants won the pennant!
The perfect game for a series ender. Never ending drama, bad blood, and dramatic ending. Phillies fans will tell you the Giants got lucky, but they overlook the fact the Giants had the better overall pitching staff. The Giants may have not had the best starting pitching staff, but they had the better closer and relievers. The Giants also had the better manager in Bruce Bochy, who made all the right decisions.

2. 1981 NFC Championship Game, 49ers vs. Cowboys: Everyone remembers the epic ending of this game, but the entire game period was epic. Both teams combined for 9 turnovers on the day, including six by the 49ers alone.

"The Catch" though is what everyone will remember about this epic game. Having watched this game about ten times, the drive leading up the catch was incredible in itself. The 49ers, who were known as a passing team, decided to run the ball on that last drive. Just an astounding chess match by Bill Walsh.

3. Super Bowl XXIII, 49ers vs. Bengals: I'm biased, but this was the greatest Super Bowl of all-time. In reality though this was a defensive slog through until the third quarter. Bengals scored their only touchdown of the game on a kick return in the third quarter. The 49ers would take the lead back in the fourth quarter off a Jerry Rice touchdown. The Bengals would then drive down the field and kick a field goal to take a 16-13 lead with time running out in the fourth quarter and one last chance for the 49ers to win the Super Bowl. Then "John Candy" happened.

I really believe it was that drive that made Joe Montana a legend. Yeah he had the drive and catch against the Cowboys. But as I said above that drive was mostly running plays. Yes Montana had won two Super Bowls before, but men like Bart Star, Bob Griese, and Jim Plunkett had also won two super bowls. The Super Bowl XXIII drive/touchdown/victory though turned Montana into a legend who is still talked about today.

Just missed the cut: 
- Game 4, 2010 NLCS
- Game 5, 2010 World Series
- Game 5, 2002 Western Conference Finals "The Mike Bibby Game"
- Game 5, 2002 NLCS

What are the game you would watch if the world ended tomorrow?

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  1. My favorite game of all-time will forever be the "Brian Johnson Game."