June 4, 2010

Video of the Day, Part II: The LeBron Song

With all the talk about LeBron James' free agent tour, there is one city that isn't mentioned, Sacramento. Couldn't you just see LeBron wearing those beautiful Purple and White uniforms? I can even see King James buying a house in Granite Bay that overlooks Folsom Lake and Prison. So what do you say LeBron, how about signing with the Kings? There is even a video dedicated to the great Sacramento area.

Oh yeah! We also have bums, trailer parks, and slums. So really there's no difference between Sacramento and Cleveland. We do have Christina Mendonsa so that's a plus. Calm on LeBron, sign with the Kings.

(Via Sactown Royalty)

1 comment:

  1. Thanks, now I have bums, bums, slums, slums, stuck in my head.