June 7, 2010

Inside the Paint: Ray Allen and Celtics Come Alive!

Los Angeles 94 Boston 103
: Boston owned the fourth quarter going on a 16-4 run to finish the game. Unlike game 1, the Celtics were not dominated and finally owned the rebounding advantage. Other thoughts from the night.

1) Once again the officiating is the talk of the post-game. The Lakers had a 41-26 free throw advantage, but still managed at the end of the game to complain about the refs. I'm sorry Lakers, but with a 15 shot advantage over Boston you don't have a complaint. Maybe stop Rondo or Ray Allen from shooting 3's.

In game 1 Ray Allen was useless because of foul trouble. In game 2, Allen had a historical performance. Allen made eight 3-pointers in the game, a NBA Finals record, including seven in the first half. I guess when Allen isn't in foul trouble, he can be quite effective.

3) Despite Allen's great performance, the talk has been centered around Rajon Rondo's tremendous performance. Rondo became the first Celtic since Larry Bird to have a triple-double on the road in the NBA Finals. Rondo finished his night with 19 points, 12 rebounds, 10 assists. Rondo has carried the Celtics throughout the playoffs and he carried them once again last night.

While everyone has talked about Kevin Garnett's disappearing act, it's Lamar Odom who has been a bigger no-show. Odom picked up three fouls within 53 seconds during the first quarter last night and was never a factor in the game after that. Odom is 3-for-9 from the field so far in the series. I guess this is what happens when Amar'e Stoudemire isn't guarding you.

5) Paul Pierce is guaranteeing the series won't be going back to Los Angeles.

Video of the Night: Kareem and Bill Walton pay tribute to Coach Wooden.

Video of the Night, Part II: Ron Artest goes Yakety Sax on the NBA Finals (Via Hardwood Paroxysm)

Pictures of the Nights
: All photos courtesy of Jose 3030


  1. That call on Big Baby is the reason why I don't the NBA as much as I used to.

  2. The call on Big Baby was terrible, but giving the Celtics the ball OOB after the refs looked at replays that clearly showed KG touching it last was very shaky to me.

  3. Bad officiating all around last night. The NBA and MLB have a serious problem on their hands with their officiating.

  4. Don't forget the NHL. The officiating in last night's game was just as bad.

  5. If things are bad now,just wait until Bennett Salvatore and Dick Bavetta get involved in the Finals.

  6. Yeah terrible officiating in that game.
    I'm still in shock after r Allen's amazing first half, and how about Rondo's play last night?
    And another thing where the hell is Kevin Garnett?