June 4, 2010

Inside the Paint: Lakers Dominate Celtics

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Los Angeles 102 Boston 89
: The Tony Allen dunk above was the Celtics only highlight from last night. The Celtics were dominated in every facet of the game by the Lakers. Heading into the Finals all the talk was about how great a defensive team Boston is and how soft Los Angeles is. So much for that theory, since the Lakers out-rebounded the Celtics 42-21 including grabbing four more offensive rebounds. The Lakers also dished more assists, made more 3-pointers, had more steals and blocks. Boston was flat out dominated.

The Celtics are going to need more from Kevin Garnett in this series who was plain awful last night. Whether he's more hurt that what we are lead to believe, Garnett was out-worked, out-classed, and out-maneuvered by Gasol last night. Ray Allen could not get his offensive game going because of foul trouble. Rondo looked passive while handling the ball. Paul Pierce had 24 points on the night but 12 of those points came from the free throw line. I don't expect the Celtics starters to play that badly in the rest of the series, but they better get their act together quickly.

And for the sake of God's good graces, lets pray Joe Crawford, Joe DeRosa, and Derrick Stafford never ref another game in this series.

Create a Caption: Look at the girl in the low cut top. Oh yeah, Dustin Hoffman is there.

Create a Caption, Part 2: Doris Burke and Chris Rock is a joke that can write itself.

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  1. I love how Kobe completely ignores Rock.