June 2, 2010

Baseball Update: Willis' New Start, Fire Sales & Make The Games Less Long!

Time For a New Start: If there was one player in the majors who needed a new start with a different team, it was Dontrelle Willis. Since Willis was traded to the Tigers at the end of 2007 and signed that three-year extension, Willis has fought a variety of injuries, anxiety, and inconsistency.

Yesterday the Tigers traded Dontrelle Willis to the Arizona Diamondbacks for RHP Billy Buckner( He's not related to this Buckner). Willis needed a new start and hopefully he will get that in Arizona. Willis is only 28-years old and has a World Series ring from his days in Florida. So it's not exactly like he's washed up. I will be rooting for Willis in Arizona, except of course when he plays against San Francisco.

It's June, Time For Fire-sales: When the calendar turns to June, most of Major League Baseball is set. You should know who the contenders are and who the sellers will be. The Chicago White Sox look like they will be sellers. The White Sox are 22-29 on the season and are eight games behind Minnesota in the AL Central.

The White Sox might be looking to trade A.J. Pierzynski, Mark Buehrle, Paul Konerko, and Bobby Jenks. There have already been rumors that the Phillies are interested in Jenks. With Kendry Morales blowing out his leg in Anaheim, the Angels are said to be interested in Konerko.

Other teams that could be Fire-selling: Seattle, Houston, Milwaukee, Arizona, Baltimore, and you never know about Florida.

Make Commercial Less Long!: During last night's Rays-Jays game, Tampa Bay manager Joe Maddon was ejected in the ninth inning for arguing with home plate umpire Angel Hernandez. Maddon was upset because Hernandez didn't grant Carlos Pena a timeout while Pena was in the batters box. While discussing a way to speed up the games, because the umpiring crew did feature Joe West, Maddon made a simple suggestion as to how the game can be sped up.

"Make commercials less long."
Very eloquent Maddon, but I doubt that will happen.

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  1. Angel Hernandez and Joe West in a single umpiring crew? Add Dan Iassogna and CB Bucknor and that's the worst crew ever.

    It just wasn't going to work for Dontrelle here. The inevitable struggle with walks would strike Willis in one of the middle innings. Going back to the NL should really help. It would be interesting to see if Willis is in the starting rotation when he and Edwin Jackson go back to Comerica.