May 24, 2010

Video of the Day: Nyjer Morgan Temper Tantrum

Nyjer Morgan probably endured one of the most embarrassing moments of his young career. With the Orioles in town and the game tied at two, Orioles Adam "Not Pacman" Jones hit a ball to center. Nyjer Morgan had the ball bounce off his glove. In frustration, he threw his glove to the ground and started walking away. Only one problem, the ball never went over the fence and Jones hit an inside-the-park home run. It was embarrassing and very entertaining. Unlike Hanley Ramirez though, Morgan admitted his wrongdoing.

"I went back for the ball, I leaped up and thought the ball went over the fence," Morgan said. "I guess it didn't, and it was standing right there. I really didn't check out the inside-the-park homer. My emotions got to me, because I knew I should have had the ball."

He didn't exactly apologize, but he knew what he did wrong. No shame in that. Still it was one of the more entertaining moments on the baseball diamond that you will see in a while.


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