November 13, 2009

The Links

Scarlett Johansson to finish off the week..... George Karl disease has struck Denver..... Things continue to fall apart for Golden State..... Joey Porter ditches the trash talk, for now..... Hasn't Eric Mangini been fired yet?..... Eagles can't extent Desean Jackson until end of next year..... The honeymoon between Cutler and Chicago is over..... Can we replace Gold Gloves in baseball?..... The new Hornets coach must win over Chris Paul..... Would a college football playoff be fair?..... Balloon Boy parents to plead guilty for lying to lying, FAA investigation

I couldn't help to notice your pain. Share it with me! (Free Darko)

The Brad Miller Show (the Blowtorch)

Will the real 49ers please stand up? (SF Chronicle)

Brent Celek's tribute to Captain Morgan (Fire Andy Reid Now!)

Former UFC star Junie Browning was arrested for failing to appear in court (Fox 5)

Javon Walker wants out of Oakland. I didn't know he was still in Oakland? (PFT)

Steve Nash: NBA Optometrist (Deadspin)

Things are really starting to fall apart in Green Bay (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

The New York Knicks are really that bad (NY Post)

Josh Smith's church of basketball (Fanhouse)

At least Jay Cutler didn't dodge criticism after his performance after the Niners game (YahooSports)

Steve Nash: Junior Birdman (Oh Me, Oh My, The Jello's Jigglin)

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