November 4, 2009

The Links

Marisa Miller on top of a Harley..... Cleveland Cavalier broadcasters not shy about hating Washington Wizards players..... If you don't love Pedro Martinez, then shame on you..... The Philadelphia 76ers sucked last night..... Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin to host the Oscars..... Why would anyone stalk Ryan Seacrest?..... An alternative to the BCS...... Tito Ortiz wants third fight with Chuck Liddell

And Syracuse thought it was bad that Greg Paulus was their starting quarterback. Now their basketball team lost an exhibition to cross-city rival LeMoyne (

Please Mets, take him. We don't want him anymore (Mets Fever)

Congrats Hines Ward, your the dirtiest player in the NFL (PFT)

Move over Brooklyn Bridge and make way for Derek Jeter Bridge (Fanhouse)

Maria Sharapova is dating Laker Sasha Vujacic. I will now light myself on fire (The Big Lead)

Pacers Danny Granger isn't showing much leadership abilities (Indy Star)

Pedro Martinez gets the NY Post treatment (Post)

Access Hollywood interviews Mrs. Utley and Chase's nasty hair (700 Level)

Ernie Harwell could teach Joe Buck a lesson or two (The Big Picture)

Colbert to sponsor Olympic speed skating team (With Leather)

Disgraced former USC basketball coach Tim Floyd breaks up a fight in a casino (Sports by Brooks)

1 comment:

  1. about the Cavs/Wizards hate last night....

    Shaq committed a hard foul on Stevenson and the fans in the Q cheered and then laughed as they saw the replay on the scoreboard, leading Wizards' announcer Steve Buchantz to call them "classless" and "animalistic"

    btw, I am not a Wizards fan, but I thought that was funny.