November 2, 2009

1st Down- Week 8

1st Down is a recap of the Sunday NFL action. Home teams in all caps.

30 BALTIMORE 7 Denver: Baltimore ended their three game losing streak and gave Denver their first loss of the season in convincing style. Baltimore beat Denver in all facets of the game including a kickoff return touchdown by Lardarius Webb. Baltimore's defense held Denver to only one touchdown and 200 total yards of offense.

18 INDIANAPOLIS 14 San Francisco: The Niners held the lead for most of this game and held Peyton Manning to no touchdown throws, but they still lost. Manning drove the Colts down the field when he needed to. One thing I do have a lot of respect for the Colts is how they played in the 4th quarter. They got the ball back deep in their territory with over 6 minutes to play. Normal teams would have ran the ball to kill clock. Not the Colts. They played for the win, instead of playing not to lose. The only touchdown of the day for the Colts was a halfback pass by Joseph Addai.

38 Minnesota 26 GREEN BAY: The Packers were Favre'd again. Only this time Favre came to them and punked Green Bay in their own house. Packers players also punked themselves with penalties. Green Bay was called for 3 penalties for 45 yards. One of those penalties was a John Jolly personnel foul that lead to a Adrian Peterson touchdown. Penalties and sacks were Green Bay's undoing in this game. Hopefully these two teams meet in the playoffs.

40 PHILADELPHIA 17 NY Giants: Say what you want about Andy Reid, but on this day he out-coached Tom Coughlin and the entire Giants coaching staff. Take Desean Jackson's 54-yard touchdown catch. Jackson and the rest of the Eagles prepared to run this specific play when the Giants where in Cover 2. When they saw the Giants in Cover 2, they called the play and Jackson is celebrating in the end zone. Maybe because San Francisco hasn't had a great offensive-minded coach in a while, but I would take Andy Reid in a heartbeat if Philadelphia was ever dumb enough to fire him.

17 St. Louis 10 DETROIT: Someone had to win! And yesterday it was the Rams on a late Steven Jackson touchdown run. Steve Spagnuolo picked up his first career win. Also during the game former Cal linebacker Zach Follett destroyed the Rams kick returner. Couldn't be prouder of my Cal guys.

30 Miami 25 NY JETS: So much for a gimmick offense? Well the gimmick offense never scored a point in the game. The Dolphins scored on two Ted Ginn Jr. kickoff return touchdowns, a Jason Taylor fumble recovery, and one Chad Henne touchdown pass. Neither Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams scored in the game and neither had more than 27 rushing yards. What's your excuse now Jets?

Create a Caption: It's almost too easy to make fun of Andy Reid.

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  1. Trust me, Keith, you do not want Andy Reid as your coach!

    He has his good games like yesterday, no doubt about it, but when he is off, it gets ugly, and his record in the post-season does not exactly inspire confidence in me that this Eagle team can make it to the Super Bowl, let alone win it. He won't be in Philly forever (obviously) and when he lets go, some other team will sign him as a head coach if he so wishes to coach again, but the next time the Eagles have a bad game and Reid blames himself or chokes in the post-season yet again, think, is this the guy I really want coaching my team?