October 28, 2009

The Links

Penny Mathis to start the mourning...... Dez Bryant has been suspended for the entire year...... The DC Sniper will be executed in a couple of weeks..... What's wrong with offering sex for World Series tickets?..... The 49ers are looking for a tackle..... Favre has talked about retirement since 2002..... The worst of the night in the NBA..... White House wisely backs away from their fight with Fox News..... Redskins have no clue how to deal with fan unrest..... Meet the New Snyder Sucks T-Shirt Model

The 5 most intriguing storylines in the NBA (Black Sports Online)

Hulk Hogan almost offed himself, Brother (With Leather)

The Pittsburgh Penguins costume party looked fun (Big League Screw)

A World Series omen that Yankee fans don't want to see (Deadspin)

Jimmy Rollins and his .250 batting average are making some bold predictions (NY Post)

Actually, Reggie Bush is the one making bold predictions. "Once I do win an NFL MVP, once we do win a Super Bowl, once I am in the Pro Bowl, it's going to be that much more special because of all the criticism that I had to come through and because of the work I've put into it, it'll mean that much more to me and I'll appreciate it more," Bush said. (PFT)

Who do Mets fans root for? (NY Daily News)

Five reasons not to watch this World Series (The Big Picture)

Mike Leach is not giving out banking advice (EDSBS)

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