October 27, 2009

The Links

Marisa Miller in a $3 million dollar bra (ht James Craven for e-mailing me the picture)....... Lane Kiffin continues to insert his foot in his mouth..... JaMarcus Russell takes Raiders down destructive path..... Welcome, Yankee Haters!..... Rajon Rondo and the Boston Celtics are headed for an ugly divorce..... Josh Cribbs is not happy with Browns fans..... More bad news for Redskins fans, Chris Cooley has a broken ankle...... Is Saint Timmy cracking under pressure?...... Kate Gosselin wants to be a movie star

Steve Phillips is in rehab for sex addiction (The Big Lead)

Phillies vs. Yankees preview WWE style (The O Files)

TV deals are the biggest threat to baseball right now (Twinkie Town)

Bears players as Simpsons characters (Jay Cutler Superstar)

The hottest cheerleader on every NBA team (Bleacher Report)

The curse of the Clippers has struck Blake Griffin! Griffin out six weeks with a broken knee cap (YahooSports)

Of course the New York Post has to class up the World Series (The Sports Hernia)

Greg Oden is the key to the Portland Trail Blazers season (Oregonian)

Tito Ortiz vs. Forrest Griffin to headline UFC 106 (Bloody Elbow)

The Chiefs need the Larry Johnson distraction (Jason Whitlock)

The Cavaliers can provide Cleveland some relief from the Browns and Indians (Cleveland.com)

USC player doing what USC players do so well, taking cheap shots (Wiz of Odds)

The Obama Hoax (The National Conversation Raw)

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