October 21, 2009

The Links

Ali Larter to start the mourning.... How to fix the WNBA..... The Washington Redskins are just flat pathetic..... Detroit Red Wings are struggling early in the season..... The SEC referee's suck..... Manny Ramirez was taking a shower when Jimmy Rollins hit that game-winning hit...... Give the Phillies the respect they deserve..... Kayne West isn't dead

A David Hasselhoff reality show (Warming Glow)

Should Ohio State bench Terrelle Pryor (The Scores Report)

Umpire Tim McClelland makes the worst call ever (Big League Stew)

The season of failure continues for the Mets (Deadspin)

Speaking of failure and Mets. Former Mets GM and current ESPN personality Steve Phillips had an affair with an ESPN production assistant who went Fatal Attraction on him (The Big Lead)

Update: Here are the pictures of the girl Phillips had the affair with. She isn't exactly a looker (The Big Lead)

Family secretly videotapes father while watching Arkansas game (Wiz of Odds)

Lane Kiffin continues to take shots at Florida (AL.com)

You may not like Chris Spielman the broadcaster, but you will like this story about Chris Spielman the husband (Columbus Dispatch)

10 biggest busts in sports (Maxim)

I say yes: Should the NFL ban domed stadiums? (Wall Street Journal)

Wynne Arboleda: The Flippino Ron Artest (Basketbawful)


  1. Have you seen the pics of the Steve Phillips chick? Some guy in the comments called her "Petunia Pig."


  2. I saw the pictures of her over at The Big Lead. All I have to say is, oof.

  3. that Star Wars pic....*shudder*