October 8, 2009

The Links

Malin Akerman..... More problems for David Letterman..... Maybe I should fight dogs and get arrested, then I would get a Reality Show..... The GOP could control congress by 2010..... Nick Adenhart will be in the Angels minds during the playoffs..... More bad news for ACORN..... Shawne Merriman doesn't appreciate his GM calling out the Chargers..... Patrick Kerney needs to get a better pass rush..... Maryland coach Gary Williams had surgery

The Toronto Maple Leafs were fined for tampering with a Vancouver Canucks player (Nucks Misconduct)

Who will be the next Raiders coach? (Fanhouse)

The 49ers had no idea that Crabtree wanted to reopen negotiations (PFT)

It only took 2 months, but the Mets and Red Sox finally completed the Billly Wagner trade (MLB Daily Dish)

Mitch Mustain might have to play baseball if he ever wants to be a starter again in any sport (LA Daily News)

The Cardinals bats stay cold against Los Angeles (STLToday.com)

Bobby Bowden deserves better from Florida State (Orlando Sentinel)

Classic commercials: "We Believe" starring Los Angeles Clippers (Basketbawful)

Brian Dawkins is still part of the family in Philly (Philly.com)

Oklahoma State receiver Dez Bryant will pay for his lie's to the NCAA (The Oklahoman)

An interview with Philadelphia Sixers player, Lou Williams (Hoops Addict)

NBA is back!

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