October 13, 2009

Foul Ball: LOL, Colorado

5 Philadelphia 3 Colorado: See you later, Rockies. The Philadelphia Phillies came from behind last night to beat the Rockies and take the series. With the Phillies holding onto a slim one run lead in the eighth, the Rockies knocked in three runs to put them ahead by two runs.

Then in the ninth inning with Houston Street pitching, the Phillies scored three runs to take the one-run lead into the bottom of the ninth. Scott Eyre picked up the first two outs of the ninth, before allowing two hitters to reach base. Charlie Manuel called upon Brad Lidge to get the final out of the game. Lidge faced off against Troy Tulowizski and struk him out him out to record the final out of the game. That is the second game in a row that Lidge finished off the Rockies by getting Tulowizski out.

The Phillies now move on to the NLCS to face off again against the Los Angeles Dodgers. This is the second year in a row that the Dodgers and Phillies play against each other in the NLCS. We all know the results of last year's series. Here's to the Phillies beating the Dodgers again in the NLCS.

Picture and video via Fire Andy Reid Now!


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