October 13, 2009

Video of the Day: J-Stew on Blind Date

RJBO will appreciate this next clip. If anyone listens to the Jim Rome Show knows all about Jason Stewart, A.K.A. J-Stew.

For those who don't know J-Stew, he's the phone screener for the Jim Rome Show. Before working on the Rome show, J-Stew was a frequent caller to the show and even participated in the very first Jungle Smack-Off. Needless to say J-Stew flamed out and his legend began. Since then J-Stew has been the butt of constant jokes from the clones, mocking him for his moles, weight, voice, and personality.

J-Stew also is constantly mocked because of his acting appearances. J-Stew has appeared in many TV movies over the years and has recently made a guest appearance on Gary Unmarried. J-Stew's appearance though on the old Blind Date show is what put him over the top as a legend.

Stew was hooked up with a skank from the 909. During the date J-Stew had infamous moments such as telling the lady to wait while he checked to see if he enough money, telling the lady about his showering habits, and showing off his moles in a hot tub. I've been searching for the video of J-Stew's Blind Date appearance for a while. And thanks to Burn Monkey Burn we finally have it. Enjoy the greatness known as J-Stew.

J-Stew has become so famous that a band paid tribute to him by writing a preforming a song in his honor. Here's Three Day Weekend with "Mr. Automatic"

Editor's Note: I know the majority of you don't care for the Jim Rome Show and don't care about some guy named Jason Stewart. Give me a break. It's pouring down rain here in Sacramento today and RJBO and myself love this show.

J-Stew on the Blind Date hall of shame (Burn Monkey Burn)


  1. I just never could get into that show. I gave it try though.

  2. I had to listen to something other than FM Radio when The Fabulous Sports Blob's show went off the air.

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