October 19, 2009

1st Down- Week 6

1st Down is a recap of the NFL action every week

13 Oakland 9 Philadelphia: I'm mentioning this game first for several different reasons. This was a boring game which JaMarcus Russell didn't completely suck. He still threw two interceptions but had a higher completion rating than Donovan McNabb. That was just the beginning of the weirdness of this game.

Before the game even started, their was probably the biggest Michael Vick protest outside of the stadium that you will see outside of Philadelphia. There was a Pigeon that stopped the Eagles Brett Celek from catching the ball. Then after the Eagles lost, YouTube blew up with Eagles fans overreactions from the loss to the Raiders. Check out the video's here, here, and here. Oh and the Pigeon returned to help the Raiders on the Kickoff.

33 Minnesota 31 Baltimore: The Ravens can join the club with the 49ers and Packers. They were Favre'd. Brett Favre must be the luckiest player ever, because I can't even explain the breaks this guy has been catching so far. Yesterday with time running out, Baltimore quarterback Joe Flacco lead the Ravens down the field to set up a possible game-tieing field goal. Then Steve Hauschka shanked a 44-yard field goal as time expired, to give the Vikings the win and the 6-0 start. You've just been Favre'd.

14 Kansas City 6 Washington: Oof! I guess someone had to win this game and that somebody was the Chiefs. Todd Haley won his first NFL game while Jim Zorn is lucky to be coaching the Redskins this mourning. Neither team scored a touchdown in this game. Both teams combined for six field goals and one safety. Zorn finally pulled Jason Campbell after the 1st half in favor of Todd Collins, but it didn't matter for the Skins.

27 Arizona 3 Seattle: Football is a weird sport. One week after the Seahawks scored over 40 points, the Seahawks only managed 3 points and 128 total yards on offense. Not only were the Seahawks bad on offense, but they can add Lofa Tatupu to the injured list as he is out for the year. The game was so bad for the Seattle, that Jim Mora couldn't even look Ken Whisenhunt in the eyes for the postgame hand shake.

16 Buffalo 13 New York Jets in Overtime: I don't know if the Jets coaching staff is arrogant or just plain stupid? The Jets racked over 300 rushing yards in the game, but Mark Sanchez kept throwing the ball. And Sanchez kept throwing the ball to the other team. Sanchez finished the day with five interceptions including his last interception in overtime. Ryan Lindell kicked the game-winning field goal in overtime after missing a field goal that would have won the game for Buffalo in regulation.

59 New England 0 Tennessee: Have to love New England and the Hoodie. Even after the Patriots go into halftime with the 45-0 lead, he sends Tom Brady back into the game for the 2nd half. And not only did the Hoodie send Brady back into the game in the 2nd half, but sent him in throwing. Brady added more salt in the wounds of the Titans by throwing a touchdown to Randy Moss to make the score 52-0 in the 3rd quarter.

I'm a believer in Karma. You do good things and good things will happen to you. I remember when the Patriots were running up the score on the Redskins and Joe Gibbs back in 2007. And do you remember what happened after that? That's right, David Tyree made "The Catch", the Patriots lost the Super Bowl, and Tom Brady injured his knee last season. New England is going to regret running up the score on Tennessee.

Video of the Day: I couldn't find this video on Saturday, so I give it to you today. Here's Cal's Jahvid Best's 93-yard run against UCLA.

Create a Caption: Redskins fans aren't exactly happy with Daniel Snyder and Vinny Cerrato

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