September 16, 2009

The Links

Rachel Bilson to start the mourning.... If you oppose Obama, then you are a RACIST!!.... Jay Leno's new show has done quite well in the ratings.... Megan Fox is on the cover of the latest Rolling Stone.... A mysterious death surrounding a wrestler.... ACORN has started to panic.... You think the Democrats keep pushing this Joe Wilson thing to cover for their own mistakes?

Jorge Posada acted lick a wuss last night (NY Post)

Matt Hasselback wonders if the NFL is turning into NASCAR (PFT)

The race for the NL Cy Young is too close to call (

Who's going to put Jay Cutler in his place (Chicago Tribune)

The Comeback: Starring Greg Ostertag (Basketbawful)

Kayne West interrupts Michael Jordan's HOF speech (Ball Don't Lie)

Looking back at the first Ultimate Fighter (Camel Clutch Blog)

How come we didn't make a bigger deal about this little incident? (Wiz of Odds)

Packers coach Mike McCarth and singer Meatloaf were separated at birth (HHR)

Deleware is still fighting the good fight (With Leather)

The Fire Joe Morgan crew has invaded Deadspin.

Wait! Does this mean Obama was once a pimp? (Another Black Conservative) video below

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