September 25, 2009

Giants Fans Wish Has Come True

OMG OMG OMG Melon head Bruce Bochy has finally made a right decision and given uber catching prospect Buster Posey his first start. He will catch for Tim Lincecum tonight for the Giants as they take on the Cubs.

Too bad there's only 9 games left in the season. It would have been nice if Bochy started Posey in I don't Philadelphia when they first brought him up! That's why Bruce Bochy has to be one of the worst managers in the major leagues.

Well I not going to dwell on that fact and I'm going to enjoy Gerald Buster Posey's first major league start for the San Francisco Giants.

Now excuse me, I have to find a pair of clean shorts because I think I just peed myself.


  1. So I finally have a reason to start watching Giants games again.