July 7, 2009

The Links

Nicole Scherzinger to start the mourning..... Joakim Noah loves himself some weed.... Manny Ramirez + FOX = Love..... Yeah, I don't feel sorry for Andy Roddick.... Don't come to California, or you will get an IOU..... Only the Stars are going to attend Michael Jackson's funeral.... Ron Wilson and the Maple Leafs will be investigated for tampering.... This season might be the swan song for Mets GM Omar Minaya

Dan Steinberg of DC Sports Blog, is now getting George Bush treatment from Olberman (Baseball Nerd)

Greg Oden is enjoying his off-season (The Big Lead)

Ton La Russa drops his lawsuit against Twitter (Deadspin)

4 people injured at the Running of the Bulls (AP)

College basketball fans remember this name, Rodney Purvis. He's also 15 and still in the eighth grade. I was a sophomore when I was 15 (The Big Picture)

BCS Congressional hearings will of course be a waste a time, money, and energy (SI)

Did anyone else notice that A-Rod and Man-Ram were missing from the All-Star teams? (MLB.com)

Pablo "The Panda" Sandoval is a beast (SF Chronicle)

In the nothing new department, a warrant has been issued for a former Cincinnati Bengal (Cincinnati.com)

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