July 6, 2009

Gun Did Belong to Kazemi

I talked about the bizarre murders of Steve McNair and Sahel Kazemi this mourning. There was a gun found underneath Kazemi at the scene of the crime. Well Nashville police have confirmed the weapon at the scene of the crime was indeed purchased by Kazemi two days ago.

Nashville police spokesman Don Aaron said Kazemi bought the semiautomatic handgun on Thursday from a person he did not name.

An autopsy has confirmed that both McNair and Kazemi died early Saturday mourning. McNair was shot twice in the head and chest and his death has been ruled an homicide. Kazemi was shot once in the head. Aaron said the police are waiting for ballistic and gunpowder residue to determine whether or not Kazemi committed suicide or was murdered.

My money now is that this was a murder-suicide. And we will never know why Kazemi felt the need to kill McNair and then take her own life. Maybe it was because McNair didn't want to divorce his wife and then marry her. But this is all speculation.

Police Confirm Gun Belonged to Kazemi (Fanhouse)

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