June 17, 2009

The Links

Blake Lively in pink.... What's with the logo on the bottom of the Stanley Cup?.... Chad Ochocinco is moving in with Carson Palmer?.... Which college football team is the greatest of the decade.... More politicians having affairs.... Alec Baldwin is going to retire?.... Facebook is now more popular than MySpace.... Will Smith and his wife Jada have wild sex parties

Check out Pixie Lott (The Sun)

The Kevin McHale experiment is over in Minnesota (Deadspin)

Meet the girl who saved Tom Brady's life (The Big Lead)

Welcome to the Hall of Shame, Sammy (Sun-Times)

Enjoy the parade LA and the deficit (Daily News)

Does Bettman care about the Phoenix Coyotes? (Arizona Republic)

UFC 102 to end a big summer in the UFC (Blood, Booze, Bruises)

Mike Dunleavy has a Twitter account! (Basketbawful)

Here's a weird combination. Country music star Taylor Swift performing in a rap video with T Pain.

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