June 25, 2009

Jake Locker to Play Baseball?

Well not exactly. University of Washington quarterback Jake Locker, has meet with the Anaheim Angels to talk about his future in baseball.

The Angels picked Locker in the tenth round of the MLB draft a couple of weeks ago. Locker and his father Scott meet with the Angels to see what type of direction the Angels want to take him. If the Angels sign him, they hold his rights for six years. So even if he stays with the Washington football team, the Angels still hold his rights and he can show up anytime to play for them.

"It will be our first chance to see what direction thisis going," Scott Locker said on Tuesday morning before heading to Seattle for the meeting. Locker is acting as his son's adviser as Jake Locker cannothire an agent without losing his football eligibility.
One thing that has remained clear is, Jake Locker is committed to football and the Washington Huskies.

"His main goal in life is to be a next-level football guy," Scott Locker said. "He wants to play on Sundays, and that's the goal."

Locker is one of the best two sport prospects in a long time. Locker was highly recruited bycollege football teams coming out of high school and has the potential to be an NFL quarterback. He is also a top flight baseball prospect. He was drafted as a centerfielder and his baseball prowess has been called "hall of fame, type stuff."

Locker though may want to sign with the Angels to have another career to fall back on. Washington is rebuilding their football program which could hinder Locker's chances of being drafted in the 1st round of the NFL Draft. At least by signing with the Angels there is a back up plan for his future.

However, right now Jake Locker will be the starting quarterback of the Washington Huskies next fall.

Football is still his priority, but Jake Locker to meet with Angels (Seattle Times)

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  1. As a Washington fan, I have never been an Locker fan. He's been all hype.

    /of course the Willingham era didn't help