April 3, 2015

Talkin' Baseball: Opening Day

49er16: /dusts off the blogger cobwebs
Who are you again?

The Colonel: Just an asshole in a white suit who likes baseball. And like Mike Krukow said, I'm sick of Scottsdale. I know we complain every year that spring training is too long but man did this year's camp feel like it dragged on forever.

49er16: Yeah a little over 6 weeks in spring training is way too long. I know it's for the pitchers but for crying out loud it's still too long. Spring training basically lasts from my birthday in February to my brother's birthday in April.

The Colonel: We can complain all we want but it ain't changing. They make too much money down there so the 40 day training camp ain't ending. Moving on, what or who are you looking forward to seeing this year?

49er16: Everyone is saying is how loaded the AL Central is this season so I am looking forward to seeing that division. Are the Tigers about to fall off the cliff? Are the Indians as good as Sports Illustrated is projecting? Can the Royals repeat? Are the White Sox improved? When will the Twins call up their super prospects?

The Colonel: It's going to be funny when the Tigers win that division again after everyone said the Tigers would take a step back this year.

49er16: Are we ready for another postseason failure for the Tigers? I'm also looking forward toward the NL Central race. The Reds in particular fascinate me because they're getting older, haven't really improved, and are getting grumpier. You would have to figure they're going to try and move either Phillips or Bruce this season, right?

The Colonel: Moving Bruce would be easier because his contract ends after next season and he doesn't have 10-5 rights like Phillips. On paper that Reds team looks miserable. Some bad contracts there. I'm not looking forward to another Cardinals victory in that division.

49er16: We need to talk about the Cubs. Them firing Rick Renteria after 1 season to hire Joe Maddon feels wrong to me. I'm rooting against them with Maddon because of that situation.

The Colonel: Maddon is just another person in a long line of "Cubs Saviors". From Dallas Green to Sweet Lou the Cubs every 5 or 6 years hires someone new who is suppose to lead them to the promise land and nothing happens. I'm not looking forward to the fawning Joe Maddon praise from everyone and you know it's going to be worse this year since he's with the Cubs.

49er16: Some people were already talking about how smart he is because he had a pitcher batting eighth in spring training. OMG JOE MADDON IS BATTING THE PITCHER EIGHTH! WHAT A GENIUS! IT'S NOT LIKE TONY LA RUSSA EVER DID THAT SORT OF THING! Puke, let's move on before I punch something.

The Colonel: How the mediocre AL East? Seriously besides the Red Sox, I don't see how anyone in that division improved themselves. I agree with the projections in that whoever wins that division will only have between 86-89 wins.

49er16: And yet we'll still be subjected to a million Yankee games on the MLB Network.

The Colonel: Oh man don't get started down that road............on second though, get it out of your system. You know you want to complain about the MLB Network airing a ton of Yankee games.

49er16: Here's the thing that pisses me off. I get why ESPN, Fox, and TBS air a bunch of Yankee games. They need max viewers and the Yankees do provide them that. But the MLB Network not only sending their own broadcasters to their games and simulcasting a bunch of their games infuriates me. Last time I checked the MLB Network is suppose to promote the league. Doesn't that mean showing non-Yankee games? I'm almost positive there won't be a week this year where a Yankee game will not be played on that network.

The Colonel: The problem is the executives at the MLB Network think just like the execs at the rest of the networks. More Yankee games because of viewers. They're not about promoting the league and teams like the Pirates. They're about money and viewership and sadly the Yankees drive it.

49er16: Sadly you're correct. Anything else you're looking forward this year?

The Colonel: The AL West is the division that interests me the most. Will the Angels take a step back? Will the new Oakland pieces gel? Are the Mariners as good as projected? Will the Astros OBP/Dingers/Strike outs strategy work?

49er16: I love how the Astros have created a lineup that is either boom or bust. I'm sure everything will work out just fine for them with this strategy.

The Colonel: What's amazing to me about the Astros is that we heard about how amazing their farm system is, but I don't remember anyone saying that these guys are strike out machines?

49er16: Why do we get so excited for farm systems/drafts? Most of these guys never live up to the hype and we're always left with blue balls.

The Colonel: Because we're suckers for the future.

49er16: We need to talk about anything else?

The Colonel: Nope

49er16: Enjoy opening day folks.

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