January 14, 2015

ESPN's Early Sunday Night Baseball Schedule

Ah it's the time of the year. Football is starting to go away. You're paying more attention to college basketball. The NBA is in the doldrums of their season. And baseball is right around the corner. Okay fine, baseball is still 3 months away preceded by never ending spring training games. And it's still really freaking cold for most of you east of the Rockies. But still baseball is coming, you just haven't realized it yet.

ESPN has realized it and have released the schedule for their early part of the Sunday Night Baseball schedule. And predictably there are a bunch of Yankee/Red Sox games:

April 5th: St. Louis at Chicago
April 12th: Boston at New York
April 19th: Cincinnati at St. Louis
April 26th: Mets at Yankees
May 3rd: New York at Boston

A few thoughts:

- The Cardinals are the Yankees of the National League and the Midwest. I'm fully prepared for at least 8 appearances by them this season on Sunday Night Baseball.

- I do enjoy the fact that no matter how bad the Yankees are, ESPN (Fox, MLB Network, TBS are just as guilty) will still shoehorn their games onto the network.

- Prepare for a lot of Cubs games this year. They did way too much in the offseason and have way too many expectations not be seen on the Mothership at least 4 to 5 times this year.

- To be honest, I'm more offended at this point with the MLB Network shoving Yankee games down my throat than ESPN. You're a network covering a single league. There are more teams than just the Yankees. And yet I'll guarantee you there will be more than 20 Yankee games aired on the MLB Network with at least 9 of them being their showcase Thursday night game. This offends me more than whatever Fox or ESPN does.

- And if I'm being really honest, I hardly watch the Sunday night games anymore, especially in the spring time when programming like Game of Thrones and Mad Men are also on. Add to the fact that John Kruk and Curt Schilling at the analysts, and I just don't watch these games anymore.

So yes kiddos the baseball season is right around the corner. Be excited!

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