June 10, 2014

Now This Is How Fast a MLB Game Should Last

Last night I was browsing through some old MLB videos and came across this old game of Tom Seaver's only no-hitter thrown in 1978 while a member of the Cincinnati Reds. The first thing I noticed about this game was that it lasted only an hour and 48 minutes. That's incredible even for a no-hitter. Has there been a game this season that has lasted under two hours? Either way enjoy this old game.

Other Observations:

- Another reason why this game was so quick was because the batters never left the batters box. I hate to sound like old baseball person but why can't batters be like these guys? They stand in the box and wait for the next pitch. No leaving the box to readjust their batting gloves or to take a practice swing. Why can't things be the way they used to be?

- Seaver's delivery and pretty much all pitchers delivery's in those days looks like it was a very easy delivering of the pitch to the plate. Seaver and guys like Jim Palmer pitched forever back in those days and it makes me wonder if we see less elbow surgery's if guys had easy deliveries like his?

- I'm not the biggest Marty Brennaman fan but he was really good for this game. It dawned on me that announcers like players have primes. Marty is past his prime and is in "get off my lawn" mode today. In the 70's I understand why he eventually became a hall of famer.

1 comment:

  1. You don't see anyone with those type of deliveries or batting stances anymore.