May 12, 2014

Talkin' Baseball: Streaking Giants, Annoying Rockies, & AL Central

49er16: This stat about Kershaw throwing over 2,000 curveballs without giving up a home run until today against Brandon Hicks and the Giants is incredible. What do we make of the Giants? They can kinda hit, kinda pitch, but it looks like it's hocus pocus.

The Colonel: Well if you look at their batting BABIP, they're way below average. You'd think that has to change eventually start ticking upwards and their offense can really get going. I am happy to see their starting pitchers playing better. I worry about the wear and tear of the bullpen. They were leaky this weekend. They need some rest and recoup time.

49er16: They won't get it Monday night with Lincecum pitching who remains perplexing. He can look okay or look like dog crap. And you can usually tell right way which way his start will go.

The Colonel: Staying in the NL West, the Rockies are becoming annoying. Ask Marty Brennaman who decided to let the Rockies announcers know how he really feels.

49er16: I don't believe in the Rockies at all. Tulowitzski is always a sprain away from missing 6 weeks and their pitching staff is mediocre. Wait until it gets hot and the ball at Coors Launching Pad starts flying. Their pitching staff is very mediocre and it'll eventually show.

The Colonel: Looking at their road record and they are below .500. They should be strong as long as Gonzalez and Tulo are healthy but like you said how long does that last?

49er16: And unlike your favorite division, the AL Central, they don't have a bunch of mediocre to weak teams to beat up on all year long like the Detroit Tigers.

The Colonel: You just hit upon why I don't like the AL Central. It's full of mediocrity. People complain about AL West teams beating up on the Astros but what about the AL Central? There are four weaker teams for the Tigers to beat up on 72 times a year. Yeah the White Sox, Indians, and Royals aren't terrible but they ain't world beaters either.

49er16: Looking at the Tigers pitching and hitting stats they definitely get to beat up on the weak pumping up their own numbers.

The Colonel: The NL Central is just as mediocre right now. Even the Cardinals aren't exactly stellar right now with their hitting sitting in the middle of the pack. Is this finally the year the Cardinals don't make the playoffs or will the Brewers finally regress?

49er16: I'm not a big believer in that Brewers lineup. They don't get on base enough for my tastes. I can't see the Cardinals being this mediocre all season long.

The Colonel: I want to congratulate the Baltimore Orioles for being the only AL East team to have a positive run differential. Yes it's only at 1 but at least it's positive.

49er16: Lots of mediocrity east of the Rockies this year. Nice to see the MLB Network airing TWO Mets-Yankees games this week.

The Colonel: Of course the MLB Network would air two different Mets-Yankees games. They would rather air mediocrity over anything in the west. That network is embarrassing.

49er16: What are we looking forward to this week? Detroit at Baltimore and Atlanta at San Francisco this week look really good.

The Colonel: How badly will the Giants play against the Marlins this upcoming weekend? The Marlins just own the Giants at home.

49er16: I don't want to talk about that. Let's just move on and have a good week.

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  1. Going to be interesting how the Giants do without Belt for six weeks. Especially their defense with Morse at first.