May 7, 2014

Gritty Manager Shows Everyone How To Handle a Hit & Run

Matt Williams was one my favorite players growing up as a kid. I was devastated when Sabean, first year on the job, traded him to Cleveland for Jeff Kent (which actually did work out for the Giants). So it hurts me when Williams receives flak for his handling of the Washington Nationals as their manager.

Williams came from Arizona for this job which means he came from grit. Kirk Gibson's grit. And he's already opened up himself for mockery by demanding Bryce Harper "hustle" despite the kid breaking his face hustling for a ball in the outfield or breaking a finger hustling for a triple.

Williams the other day though demonstrated grit when you're involved with a hit and run. And I'm not talking about that type of hit and run.

I love how he finished the interview discussing whether or not Anthony Rendon should replace Denard Span at the top of the lineup. NOW THAT IS GRIT FOLKS. Maybe those pansy Nationals would be a lot tougher if they handled a hit and run like that!

(Via The Big Lead)

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