April 28, 2014

Talkin' Baseball: Pine Tar, Dumb Ned Yost, & Beanballs

49er16: Okay we got to start the week talking about Pineda and the pine tar. 10 games seem excessive but those are the rules put in place. I do respect Pineda more for being honest and not making some bogus excuse.

The Colonel: My favorite part of it is that the Red Sox didn't care if he was using pine tar but were upset it was right on his neck. Which was dumb of Pineda but I can see where the public is annoyed at the Red Sox for being like, "you can cheat but not out in the open like that". That is being kinda petty by the Red Sox.

49er16: Cheat where we can't see it! Yeah it is ridiculous.

The Colonel: I like how the Pineda thing lead to a NY Post beat writer being banned from the Mets locker room because he thought for the very funny joke, "Bartolo Colon has peanut butter on his neck!". High comedy I tell ya.

49er16: Of course it had to be a NY Post writer to make that joke. They all think they're the next Peter Vescey at that newspaper, they're all the most rude writers (except for Mike Vaccaro), that of course a joke like that had to come from a Post writer. It couldn't come from a Newsday writer or a NY Daily News writer.

The Colonel: I like how the Mets froze the media out until he left and then they spoke to the media. They were just freezing him out and good for them.

49er16: In other news about idiots, nice of Ned Yost to admit to the world that he really wanted to win on opening day so he used his closer on the road in a tie game during extra innings but refused to use him during any other game. The man really is a genius.

The Colonel: Modern day Connie Mack. Sound reasoning not to use a closer in that situation. Someone name him the Manager of the Year right this moment.

49er16: Speaking of more dumb managers, Astros manager Bo Porter is losing his mind. I love this random rivalry between the A's and Astros and how it escalated over a bunt in the first inning of a blowout. Old Bo is losing it.

The Colonel: If you were a manager of that team and all your best players are still in the minors, you'd be losing your mind as well. The motivation worked though as the Astros took 2 out of 3 games against the A's.

49er16: I like how he was upset over a bunt by a player who had already bunted that inning. And he really wanted a piece of Jed Lowrie. He really came off as crazy the other night in Oakland.

The Colonel: He goes in the Kyle Farnsworth group of "guys who will fight". I bet if he could have fought every A he would have.

49er16: Okay what are we looking forward to this week? The scuffling A's vs the Rangers this week. Also we have the Rays vs Red Sox this week and those series are always interesting.

The Colonel: Robinson Cano returns to New York this week. I want to see the reaction he gets by New Yorkers. It's going to be hilarious when we see the signs calling Cano "greedy" when the Yankees have signed every free agent ever to big dollar contracts.

49er16: Yeah that's going to be good. Have a good week, folks.


  1. Bo Porter has become my favorite manager because of how insane he's become.

  2. Porter's probably pissed because he didn't wait for Davey Johnson to leave DC.