April 7, 2014

Talkin' Baseball: Dodger Chaos, Giants Glory, & the Mariners

49er16: Oh man I'm going to enjoy reading these type of columns all year if the Dodgers stink. And man did Friday feel good. Kemp (who I do like) dropping that fly ball and the calls for Puig from the stands. I know it won't last, but I'm going to enjoy the Dodger chaos right now.

The Colonel: It's too bad they can't have all these injuries and bad pitching later in the year because like you said this right now won't last. That being said I'm definitely enjoying their agony. The Giants have completely ruined their opening series.

49er16: What's weirder is that I have no opinion on Puig. I'm not a "LET HIM PLAY THE GAME THE WAY HE WANTS TO PLAY IT" person or a "PUIG NEEDS TO LEARN HOW TO HIT THE CUTOFF GUY" person who is always immediately smeared as being a racist by the other crowd. I'm just sitting back and enjoy him and his mistakes and great plays.

The Colonel: I was thinking about this the other day and we need something to replace Goodwin's Law. Maybe a "Rios' Law" named after Tomas Rios who immediately goes to the race card whenever Puig is benched like he was on Friday. I mean Rios didn't even sit back and observe the situation before immediately going to the "Puig would have played if he were white!" argument.

49er16: Yeah Goodwin's Law seems outdated for today's Internet where everything is reactionary. People don't even let an argument ensue before calling someone a racist or Nazi. Maybe the "Reactionary Law" or "People Are Angrier Now Than Ever Law" or "People Don't Think and Investigate Before Speaking Law".

The Colonel: I hate to be a Debbie Downer but I'm trying not to get too excited about this Giants offensive explosion. Remember their offense started last season hot before becoming the Giants again. Angel Pagan is a pulled hamstring away from Gregor Blanco or Juan Perez leading off the game everyday.

49er16: The Giants definitely have to play it safe with Pagan and other players because they have no outfield depth, specifically a leadoff hitter if Pagan goes down. I'm also worried about that pitching staff. Cain didn't look good in his first start. Vogelsong has a fork sticking out of him. Lincecum is a home run machine. That pitching staff is worrisome after Bumgarner.

The Colonel: Cain I believe will be fine. Hudson will also be solid. Bumgarner is the ace. It's those last two spots everyone should worry about. Vogelsong just looks cooked. His fastball can reach the low 90's during the beginning of the game and then falls off. I'm afraid Lincecum will leave too many balls up giving up home runs. It's only the first week though so let's come back to this after the first month.

49er16: First impressions of the first week? How about those Marlins? 5-1 to start the year. Yeah so they've played the Rockies and Padres but still!

The Colonel: The team that has surprised me the most to start the year has been the Mariners. They blew the Angels out in three games in Anaheim. Felix still owns the A's. Batting by Cano has helped Smoak hit home runs. The Mariners look like they've finally struck gold with Zunino and Miller. Like we've said, it's early but I might have overlooked the Mariners.

49er16: Wait until they get Walker and Iwakuma back for that rotation. I might have also overlooked them before the season. I never thought that Cano being in the lineup would give Smoak better looks at pitches. Miller looks really good at short and Zunino is another young and upcoming catcher.

The Colonel: Now watch injuries and bad luck like usual sidetrack the Mariners because as always God hates the Mariners.

49er16: Didn't take long for the AL Central to be terribly mediocre again...........

The Colonel: Let's not speak of the AL Central.

49er16: Looking forward to anything this week? I'm personally looking forward to the MLB Network showing nothing but AL East games everyday they can. I've really missed that.

The Colonel: I'm looking forward to seeing if the Mariners and Marlins are real. The Marlins finally play on the road in Washington and Seattle plays the Angels. Lets see if they're hot starts are flukes or not.

49er16: Have a nice week, folks.

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