April 21, 2014

Talkin' Baseball: Angry Pirates, 3 Errors, & AL Central

49er16: I'm glad to see a youngster like Gerrit Cole doesn't like a player showboating and tossing a bat like he's Yasiel Puig. We need more non-Braves to decided who and who isn't playing the game the right way.

The Colonel: I say let Gomez celebrate. He's the one who looks like an ass celebrating a ball that isn't a home run. Would have been funny if McCutchen fielded it cleanly and threw out Gomez at third or second.

49er16: Puig holding the bat like he hit one out at AT&T this past week and then him just running to the dugout instead might be the most Puig moment. He just looked like a clown.

The Colonel: Speaking of looking like a clown, did you see the Angels committing 3 errors on one play? Everytime that team looks like they're about to take a step in the right direction, Pujols has been playing great this year, they take two steps back. Their bullpen is bad and their starters are mediocre.

49er16: Funny thing is that was the game-winning run for the Tigers. The Angels just seem like they can't get out of their own way. Even with Pujols playing much better this season.

The Colonel: You know me that I hate watching AL Central baseball and you know what so far I'm proven correct again on that division. It's mediocre as ever. Even the Tigers are pretty "meh" so far. The White Sox either hit or can't. Pitch or can't. The Indians have regressed so far and the Royals have no offense. That division is pu-pu.

49er16: How about the AL East? The Yankees lead that division with a -13 run differential. Hell even the Red Sox have a negative run differential. The AL West is the only division in that league that's worth a damn.

The Colonel: Funny thing about the AL West is that the Astros are already 8 games behind first and the Mariners are 6 games behind. Beating up on the Astros in the AL West is becoming sport for the rest of the teams in that division.

49er16: Here's my question. What if the Astros prospects don't pan out? Will the "process" be excused if the results are still terrible? Will someone get fired or will the process be the excuse and they'll move onto another process?

The Colonel: You have to figure a couple of those uber-prospects won't pan out and they'll be excused as a fluke. My question if what if the prospects do pan out but the results are still terrible?

49er16: The poor manager will be blamed and everyone will move on.

The Colonel: Yeah that will probably be the result.

49er16: Looking at the schedule this week, there ain't much to look forward to except for Texas-Oakland.

The Colonel: Yeah the schedule this week is hot garbage.

49er16: Have a good week, folks.

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  1. The Astros batters in less than 20 games have already struck out almost a combined 200 times. #Disastros