April 24, 2014

Pineda Pulls a Eddie Harris

Look baseball is a game of cheaters. I came to this conclusion while Bonds was chasing Hank Aaron's home run record. And if batters aren't juicing then they're definitely trying to cork their bats. If batters weren't juicing, then pitchers were trying to do something with the ball. Go back even further when the Giants used to add extra water around first base to keep Maury Willis from stealing 2nd. The game is full of cheaters.

That being said, it can't be this blatant obvious just a week after people were questioning the substance that was on the side of your hand.

My favorite part is the home plate umpire literally touching Pineda's neck where the pine tar was. And yes that was pine tar because Pineda admitted to it.

Look most people don't care about cheating in baseball. Even the Red Sox players admitted they didn't care if Pineda was using pine tar. Here's the deal though, you can't be Eddie Harris on the mound and pretend the other team won't notice and complain. Hell I would raise an objection if it was that blatant and I can't complain about the Red Sox bringing up that issue.

Next time Michael, read up on former Yankee Whitey Ford, and scuff the ball with a wedding ring.


  1. You just can't cheat that blatantly. You just can't. That's bad.

  2. Suzyn Waldman's call of the incident was just fantastic. She sounded like she was ready to go down and beat up Farrell.