March 26, 2014

Talkin' Baseball: NL West

49er16: Well we might as well start this preview talking about the team we both watch the most and that's the Giants. Projections systems like PECOTA and ZIPS are actually high on the Giants this year projecting they'll win around 88 games and win the wild card. It's weird seeing these optimistic projections while being pessimistic about the Giants. They'll need a lot to go right this year to get 88 wins in my opinion.

The Colonel: I agree. They could top out at 88 wins, but they have 79-81 wins written all over them. They need guys to stay healthy, Lincecum and Vogelsong to look good again, and hope the bullpen doesn't regress. That's asking for a lot to go right.

49er16: They already have 2nd base problems. Morse and Pagan have a history of injuries. Their depth ain't that great. Vogelsong and Lincecum haven't looked that good in spring. 88 wins is very optimistic. I am looking forward to the continued development of Brandon Belt.

The Colonel: I definitely look forward to the continued #BeltBash talk coming from KNBR. That poor dude strikes out once and the sycophants are out in force wanting Posey to move to first and Belt to the bench. Lets not get into this now.

49er16: Don Mattingly: Fired by mid-season?

The Colonel: This Puig situation is weird. He's clearly annoyed he has a player who doesn't always think things through and who seems like he's dinged up quite a bit. When your manager is sarcastically making fun of you complaining about being hurt, that doesn't sound like a person who'll be around much longer. Who knows with the Dodgers though. They're talented enough I believe to overcome any grumblings for Mattingly for him to keep his job so I'll say no.

49er16: Interesting. I think the first sniff of a losing streak and Mattingly is gone. He clearly doesn't like how Puig is always dinged up, doesn't like his baserunning errors, that I don't see how this doesn't blow up in his face during the season sometime.

The Colonel: I do think if they're not in first place by mid June and he's still snipping at Puig then he's gone. I think they're too talented though to overcome whatever Mattingly-Puig chicanery goes on.

49er16: The Dodgers should be the class of the division with the Giants following, but what else can we say about the other three teams? The Diamondback and Rockies value grit over um........talent. And the Padres are the same old Padres. Mediocre to the core.

The Colonel: The Diamondbacks crack me up. You have Towers trading away all his young talent for relievers. Trade Skaggs for Trumbo and then Corbin goes down with an injury. He wants his players to plunk opposing players who "disrespect" them. I mean they're the most interesting team that probably won't compete and aren't rebuilding.

49er16: I love their tough guy routine. Makes them look so childish and small and dumb. "NO ONE IS GOING TO DISRESPECT US! AN EYE FOR AN EYE!" as they're getting smoked by the Dodgers once again only this time it's in Australia.

The Colonel: The Rockies are just as bad. They jettisoned Dexter Fowler because he wasn't "gritty" enough. "WELL PRETTY BOY IF YOU CAN'T RUB DIRT ON THAT INJURY THEN YOU'RE NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR THIS TEAM!" Unbelievable the way these two teams think.

49er16: And then you have the perpetually mediocre Padres. What do we make of this team? I see nothing on their roster that makes me think they're going to contend for anything but 80 wins and a 3rd or 4th place finish.

The Colonel: And this will probably be Chase Headley's last season there. Yeah I see nothing too special. Maybe Alonzo makes the leap and hits a few more home runs but other than that I see nothing to get excited over.

49er16: I honestly think this division overall will be pretty mediocre. The Padres, Diamondbacks, and Rockies all look like teams that will be lucky to win 85 games. The Giants will need a lot of luck this season. The Dodgers are the only real contenders.

The Colonel: Another exciting year of NL Baseball!

49er16: Enjoy the season folks.


  1. The Diamondbacks are that kid in high school that is always looking for a fight because they're too insecure. "OH YOU DON'T LIKE MY TRANS AM? I'LL FIGHT YOU RIGHT NOW."

    /Yes I'm old for name dropping Trans Am

  2. I've heard a lot of talk on Twitter recently that the Giants should try and bring back Kevin Frandsen back if and when Scutaro is officially toast. Maybe as a stop-gap until Sabean finds a 2B he wants, okay. But I had always figured that ship had sailed.

    But just think of the number of trades that KNBR callers will propose for Pablo Sandoval this year.

    1. Oh the #FatChat will be strong this year.