February 10, 2014

Talkin' Sports: The Olympics, Marcus Smart, & More

49er16: I know we have this conversation every two years for the Olympics but I still don't understand why NBC doesn't air games live and then repackage them for the primetime. On the West Coast we're a full 12 hours behind Russia. By the time they air the repackaged events at least 12-14 hours have passed and we've long known who has won medals.

The Colonel: That part cracks me up. Example I read about that American girl who won gold in snowboarding a full 14 hours before actually seeing it on NBC. What I don't understand is why they can't show those events live, like they've done with figure skating, on NBCSN and then repackage them. Wouldn't that be a great showcase for that channel? ESPN would air everything live and then repackage them on ABC.

49er16: You'd think they would want to jumpstart the sagging ratings on that channel and this would be the perfect situation. Nope. They air everything on their website instead and then re-air them. Any event catch your eye yet?

The Colonel: Nothing really. I don't get into the winter Olympics. I basically just watch because there's nothing else on. I do get a kick out of the figure skating stuff and whether or not the judges are biased or not.

49er16: There's always some sort of controversy in figure skating. Crooked judges, competitors hitting each other in the knee with pipes, something. Who knew a beauty contest that involves spinning on ice would draw so much controversy.

The Colonel: My issue with the Winter Olympics is that unlike the Summer Olympics where the main events span a week, the winter games main events basically last a couple of days besides figure skating. In the summer games you get into the swimming and track & field events because they last a week and you get to know the people competing in them. The winter games the events happen so quickly, besides figure skating, that you really don't get to know the people competing in them. They're here today, gone tomorrow.

49er16: The other problem with these games is that there are fewer events and you still can't see them all, especially since NBC repackages only a few events. I don't believe I've ever seen a bobsled event but I have a feeling that's going to change this year..........

The Colonel: Man what an ugly incident involving Marcus Smart on Saturday. Ugly for both parties involved. For Smart shoving the fan and for the idiot yelling something at him.

49er16: I'm fascinated more about how what the guy yelled at Smart became a story. Amazing how Twitter can spread rumors around quickly and they become fact. Amateur lipreaders can break every case and post their results on Twitter.

The Colonel: I love the Internet tough guys who comment on Twitter. "Yeah man if I was Smart I would have punched that guy in the mouth!" Oh shut the fuck up. You would have cowered in a corner. Stop acting like you're some sort of tough guy.

49er16: "I would have punched that guy dead!" God that is terrible. And it makes you look more crazy than Marcus Smart.

The Colonel: "I WANT TO SHOVE SO MANY WHITE GUYS!" Yeah because that's the solution to everything. Do you think you're Batman? Punishing those who have done wrong?

49er16: What are you looking forward to this week?

The Colonel: More figure skating controversy!

49er16: Have a good week, folks.


  1. We did this before the Michael Sam story. Damn us for doing this earlier in the day.

  2. I mentioned this on Twitter this past weekend, so I apologize to the two of you for repeating it. But TV coverage of the Olympics won't improve in this country until someone besides NBC starts airing them. The excuse could be made here that it's very difficult to do it that will please everyone when the Games aren't in the Western Hemisphere. But even then, people have been complaining about NBC airing the games before Prodigy, let alone Twitter.

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