January 10, 2014

This Week in Basketball: 1/5-1/10

Curry and Thompson as The Best Backcourt Ever?: I'll read David Aldridge's Monday morning column any day of the week over Peter King's. King's column is too bloated with his anecdotes and travel logs. Aldridge brings real information even though he does take a swipe at sabermetric writers every now and then. This Monday, Aldridge shot down the idea that Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson are the best backcourt ever. As Aldridge points out there have been several great backcourts over the years. I was surprised Aldridge didn't mention the Bob Cousey/Sam Jones/Bill Sharman backcourt as one of the greatest ever even though it was. But hey, a Craig Ehlo mention!

Knicks Update: Ah the team and player that keeps on giving. The Knicks actually won on Sunday night against Dallas but that didn't stop JR Smith from entering the game during a free throw and immediately untying Shawn Marion's shoelaces. Keep on being yourself, JR.

Trading for the idea of Courtney Lee: The Memphis Grizzlies are broken. They're out of the playoff picture and injured. The grit and grind days are on hold right now as the Grizzlies give up more points than they can score. So the Grizzlies are trying to fix this by trading for Courtney Lee but as Noam Schiller points out the Grizzlies are trading for the idea of Courtney Lee. Lee appears to be a good three-point shooter and perimeter defender. As Schiller points out though Lee is neither a good shooter nor is he that great of a defender. He just appears that way.

I'm Reminded Again of a Horrible Petrie Trade: In my weekly reminder that Geoff Petrie's last years as Sacramento Kings GM was filled with horrible signings and ever worst trades, the Chicago Bulls traded Luol Deng to Cleveland for Andrew Bynum and a future 1st round pick. That future 1st round pick is from the Kings from one of the worst trades ever: Omri Casspi and a future 1st round pick for JJ Hickson. Excuse me while I go and throw up.

Bynum Ain't Going To Miami: The Bulls did release Bynum to save money. One of the rumors was that Bynum would go to Miami after he was released. Looks like that won't happen as the Heat picked up George Mason Jr and Michael Beasley's contracts for the rest of the season. So if the Heat do decide to pick up Bynum, they'd have to eat a contract down the line.

Knicks/JR Smith Update, Part 2: JR Smith was warned from the NBA not to untie an opposing players shoes during a free throw. He did it again, this time to Detroit's Greg Monroe. Never change, JR.

Is Hero Ball Not That Bad?: Henry Abbott coined the term "hero ball" a couple of seasons ago when specifically talking about Carmelo Anthony. The Dream Shake takes a look at "hero ball" and wonders if that term has been blown out of proportion? Is it really that bad that your star player at the end of the game is taking an isolation shot? Read the whole post because there's some great breakdown of the numbers in those situations.

Nickname Game on Friday: Friday night's Heat-Nets game will be a "nickname game". Players on both sides will wear uniforms with their nicknames on them. Deadspin has found what nicknames will be on the players jerseys and I have to say, couldn't Brook Lopez find a better nickname than "Brooklyn"? Here's a look at a couple of the Heat jersey nicknames. I might have to buy the Jesus Shuttlesworth jersey.
Game of the Week: A look at the best games of the upcoming week.

Friday, January 10th, Miami at Brooklyn: NICKNAME GAME BITCHES
Saturday, January 11th, Houston at Washington: This Washington team is fascinating to me. They're a team of high draft picks and motley veterans who are playing well enough in the crappy east to be an 5th seed. How bad that conference is it wouldn't surprise me if they make the playoffs as that 5th seed.
Sunday, January 12th, Minnesota at San Antonio: The Timberwolves are a mess. Kevin Love is calling out teammates, they can't finish close games, and then they have to play the Spurs. How much is Pop licking his chops to play this game?
Tuesday, January 14th, Sacramento at Indiana: The Kings are weird man. They go out and beat Miami, Dallas, Houston, and Portland and play like shit against other lesser teams like Utah. The Kings could either win this game or be blown out.


  1. Knicks/JR Smith Update3: JR given a DNP-CD last night. The Knicks are better than anything shown on Broadway.

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