January 23, 2014

The USA Winter Olympic Outfits are Something

I'm not much of a stylized. My wardrobe is pretty plain. Just tshirt, jeans, a few slacks, button up shirts, and shorts. You'll never see me wearing whatever is hip at the moment. In fact I have no idea what is hip at the moment. I still wear jorts for crying out loud during the summer. I do know one thing, I'm not the biggest fan of these USA winter Olympic outfits.
Sweat pants? Seriously? I know the winter Olympics are the whitest sport imaginable, but do we really have to dress our Olympians like white trash? Are our athletes going to the opening ceremony or over to a friends house to watch movies?

I like how they also have to wear turtlenecks. Is there a shirt out there that is more uncomfortable than a turtleneck? The jacket is fine but look at those beanies or whatever they're called. Someone needs to cut the string off of them and then these jokers need to get off my lawn.


  1. You wardrobe is atrocious.

  2. At least they didn't wrap themselves in velvet Costanza style.

    1. Or wear a 8,000 dollar hat like Costanza.