December 2, 2013

Talkin' Sports: The BCS, Jeimis Winston, & the NFL

49er16: Now that Auburn has beaten Alabama, there are two things that stick out to me: 1) let the politicking begin for the SEC and Auburn! 2) and why am I surprised that Bama only got knocked down to 4 in the polls still ahead of Missouri and Oklahoma State.

The Colonel: 1) I love how the SEC believes it's their birthright to play in the title game when in fact the BCS has been very, very, good to them 2) going back to the BCS the computers obviously love, love, love SEC teams. Despite two losses, South Carolina is still in the top 10. I don't believe the SEC is any better than the Big 10 but the computers don't see it that way.

49er16: It's amazing to me how much love the SEC gets when to me there are only 3 great teams and the rest are very mediocre. It's basically the B1G this season but with more hype. The BCS computers though hate the B1G as evidence by Michigan State still only ranked 10th. Tenth! Michigan State is a few bad passing interferences away from being undefeated!

The Colonel: I still can't believe Duke is playing in the ACC Championship Game. You know when they expanded that conference in the early 2000's the powers to be definitely saw Duke, Wake Forest, Boston College(twice!!!) and a 6-6 Georgia Tech playing in that game. What a tire fire of a conference. And just the SEC's luck Duke will win next week.

49er16: Oh that would be something. Florida State on the verge of the title game only to be stopped by Duke out of all teams. I so badly want this to happen but I don't know what would be worse? A Duke troll job or douchy Florida State winning? That's a root for a meteor game.

The Colonel: What do we make of this Winston situation? Let it play out? I still feel uncomfortable watching him continue playing. He's innocent right now and might not even face charges but it's still weird watching him play right now. Kinda gives me the creeps when I see him out there knowing that he could have raped a woman.

49er16: I'm with you in feeling uncomfortable watching him continue to play but yeah this has to play out and let the DA do his job. Now here's what I'm interested in. Let's say Florida State wins on Saturday, does the DA wait until after the championship game is played to announce charges or not? And does Winston continue to play even if he's been charged?

The Colonel: Oh this is tailored made storyline to be driven into the ground by ESPN. "DOES WINSTON HURT THE INTEGRITY OF THE GAME BY PLAYING IN THE TITLE GAME WHILE UNDER INDICTMENT? SKIP BAYLESS'S OPINION ON THE MATTER IN 10 MINUTES". Oh God this is totally going to happen in two weeks.

49er16: Man what happened to Kansas City's defense? Alex Smith surprisingly hasn't been the problem. Their defense has fallen apart. I know they've had guys hurt, but man has that defense fallen apart.

The Colonel: They were due for regression. They either played bad teams or mediocre teams early and everything about them seemed like a mirage. Smith has played better than I expected though I will admit. He's been good this season but he still can't throw past 20 yards.

49er16: I couldn't be happier seeing Crabtree back. He definitely opens up the passing game but now half of their offensive line is hurt. It's just not their year in terms of injuries and alcoholism.

The Colonel: Their defense is scary good right now. They should have won those games against New Orleans and Carolina based on what the defense did. It's been the offense that has to catch up.

49er16: Anything else we need to talk about from this week?

The Colonel: I'm still stuffed from Thursday so we need to end this chat.

49er16: Okay, then. Have a good weeks folks.


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