December 30, 2013

Talkin' Sports: 49ers, NFL Playoffs, & Black Monday

49er16: Maybe because I'm always pessimistic when it comes to the 49ers, but I don't like them next week in Green Bay. For one they have a winning streak against the Packers and all winning streaks come to an end. Two, the game is in Green Bay. Three, I just don't trust the playcalling. And I really don't trust the playcalling when the Niners get a lead because they immediately go into conservative mode and break up a nice rhythm and let the other team catch up like what happened on Sunday.

The Colonel: The playcalling is what confounds me. I'm more surprised Harbaugh and the Niners haven't been burned yet by his conservative playcalling once they have a lead. The other thing that worries me is that their defensive line isn't getting pressure again like the end of last season. They should be fine in Green Bay if they get the defensive line going. Green Bay's defense isn't that good.

49er16: That game still worries me. I'd rather play the NFC East or Chicago but we're stuck in Green Bay and that game will most likely be played at night in the cold. Someone hold me please.

The Colonel: Here's my question: Does anyone win in the Cincinnati-San Diego game? And how pissed is NBC that they'll most likely get stuck with another Bunguls game? And if Cincinnati actually wins does Marvin Lewis immediately die and go to heaven?

49er16: Kinda tells you how bad the AFC was this year that the West sent 3 teams to the playoffs. And I have no idea who wins that Cincinnati-San Diego game. That's one of those toss up games that could be a blowout for either side with lots of Dalton and Rivers interceptions.

The Colonel: How about that Colts-Chiefs game? I honestly don't care about any of the AFC Wild Card playoff games this year. None of these teams make me scratch my head and say, "I have to see that!" It's the NFC or nothing this year. Now watch the Patriots win the Super Bowl.

49er16: (laughs) I was about to say the same thing. Now watch a AFC team win the Super Bowl. And watch it be some team no one predicted like San Diego or Indianapolis because that's how it works and the NFL can celebrate "parity" over the other sports about why it's superior.

The Colonel: Okay how about Black Monday getting started on Sunday afternoon? The Browns seriously fired their coach after one season? I thought the Lord Almighty Mike Lombardi knew what he was doing? /making wanking motions towards Bill Simmons

49er16: Everything I've heard about Lombardi when he was with the Raiders was that he was a notorious asshole. He played both Bill Simmons and Peter King like fiddle's to get a job like that again which was a brilliant move. I mean if Lombardi is so brilliant and beloved, why did it take him so long to get another job? Playing the media like a fiddle is why guys like him and Mike Brown get re-hired.

The Colonel: The Bill Simmons part definitely makes sense. Get cozy with one of the bigger media personalities, appear smart on a podcast, and get a new job. It's going to be hilarious when the Browns end up with Josh McDaniels and they trade for Ryan Mallet. Just rinse, wash, and repeat with the Browns.

49er16: It's amazing how many GM's and coaches the Browns have been through in just the past 7 years. I can count off the top of my head at least 4 different coaches and 3 different GM's they've had in that period. And I'm sure in a couple of years they'll have another new GM and coach. They're basically the Redskins without the offensive name.

The Colonel: That's a perfect description for them.

49er16: Anything you're looking forward to this week?

The Colonel: Nope. I hate New Year's Eve.

49er16: Have a good week folks.

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