November 11, 2013

Talkin' Sports: 49ers Stink, Pryor Stinks & College Football

49er16: What was worse? The Niners only mustering 46 passing yards in a 10-9 loss or that Eric Reid and Vernon Davis suffered concussions during the game? I go with the offense because it looked flat out pathetic.

The Colonel: The 49ers offense should worry you. Injuries are going to happen. Being dead last in pass offense and only mustering 46 yards in one game is beyond bad. And I don't know what possibility frightens me more? The fact that Kaepernick really isn't that good or that the offensive play-calling is really that bad.

49er16: I forget what broadcast I've seen but I saw where the Niners have been a horrific red zone offense since Harbaugh took over and looking back at the Super Bowl where they threw four fade routes to end the game I'm going to say it's on the coaching. Before freaking out over that stuff it must be acknowledged that the offensive line was bad today.

The Colonel: I can't even begin to describe how bad the offensive line was today but Kaepernick needs to move. He's just standing back there waiting to be sacked. Why isn't he moving? Move dummy before you're sacked. I'm trying not to overreact and guys do have bad games but I get the feeling Kaepernick can't turn chicken shit to chicken salad and that's a problem. Good QB's make mediocre/bad receivers look good and Kaepernick can't really do that.

49er16: I had Boldin two years on my fantasy team while he was in Baltimore. Trust me when I say this but he does disappear for stretches of games. That's why you never heard his name mentioned with guys like Fitzgerald or Calvin Johnson. I generally agree about Kaepernick but let's not forget that Boldin is suppose to be his go-to-receiver and he just disappears.

The Colonel: Speaking of bad offensive lines and shaky QB's, I don't think Terrelle Pryor is anything special as well. Yes he can make some spectacular plays but how many games this year have the Raiders been in late and Pryor failed? I can name two off the top of my head.

49er16: Pryor looks like one of those guys who needs a lead that is more than 7 points and he needs the defense to play well for him to have a good game to lead his team to victory. What I'm basically saying it that he's good enough to lose games. He makes them interesting but ultimately the Raiders lose. He needs a real offensive line though before I make any concrete opinions on him.

The Colonel: We're headed for a Florida State vs Alabama national championship game, aren't we?

49er16: It wouldn't be a BCS championship without the team that dominated the original BCS standings facing off against the team that has dominated the BCS in it's later years. I still feel like Auburn is going to beat Bama. That game is in Auburn and they look great offensively. I don't think anyone is going to stop Florida State at this point.

The Colonel: So a Florida State vs Ohio State national championship game? That actually wouldn't be that bad. I still feel like Alabama would still sneak into the championship game even if they lose to Auburn and then Auburn losses in the SEC championship game. The computers have proven they love them some Alabama.

49er16: I think there would be too much in Bama's way if they lost to Auburn. Hell I think even Stanford would jump ahead of them.

The Colonel: Let's never mention Stanford again.

49er16: Agreed. Have a good weekend folks.


  1. A friend of mine made a very interesting point that I agree with on my personal Facebook page regarding Pryor. Said that "Pryor is a great athlete. He's not a great quarterback."

    If you don't mind the dovetail from the topics you two mentioned, Jason La Canfora mentioned yesterday morning that the Raiders are looking at trying to woo our "ex" back.

    Naturally, I have very mixed emotions about that.

    1. Poor Dennis Allen. Another Raiders head coach flushed down the drain.

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