October 21, 2013

Talkin' Sports: World Series, Peyton's Return, & Staph Infections

49er16: Red Sox fans vs Cardinals fans, who do you got?

The Colonel: I'm rooting for the rapture. If I'm forced to choose, I choose the Cardinals. I just don't like this Red Sox team and I'll tell you why, writers/TV announcers are losing their shit over this "gritty, gutty team". Hell even Dustin Pedroia, who is a former MVP I should add, has been turned into David Eckstein. My God if this team wins the World Series we're going to hear about how their gritty disgusting beards turned the whole season around.

49er16: I'm also rooting for the Cardinals because I find the Red Sox to be disgusting-in how they look. They just look gross with those beards. Saltamaccia's curly, greasy hair is fucking gross. Mike Napoli looks like he hasn't showered in months. They're just gross looking.

The Colonel: One thing is for sure, this will be the most insufferable world series in a while. The Red Sox grit vs. the Cardinals "right way". McCarver is creaming his pants to call this world series.

49er16: Nice to see Peyton Manning's happy feet show up last night in Indianapolis. I'm sure Colts fans remember that look all too well. In the third quarter when he started to sail passes over receivers head I thought right then and there that game was over. Happy feet Manning strikes again in Indianapolis.

The Colonel: I'm sure Jim Irsay was cackling after the game wishing he had a drink in his hand. By the way I never took his comments as a shot at Manning or Dungy. It was a shot at Bill Polian and the way he built those teams during the Manning years.

49er16: I hate to say this but I find myself agreeing with Colin Cowherd about his opinion on Manning. Peyton is so good that the offense he's playing on assimilates to him. And because Peyton can be shaky, can get happy feet, the team's offense starts reflecting him. And yeah I do agree that Irsay took more of a shot at Polian than Manning or Dungy.

The Colonel: Going back to Boston, I love seeing the Patriots lose on a penalty that is rarely called. And I love the reaction from Patriots fans like Bill Simmons acting like Boston always gets screwed by the officials. I'm sorry but after SpyGate and the Tuck Rule the Patriots fans should never complain about another call again.

49er16: And the Tuck Rule was one of those rules that was barely called at the time so the irony is delicious.

The Colonel: My favorite story of the weekend though is after the Bucs left Atlanta, the Falcons sent a hazmat crew into the visiting locker room to clean up. So not only are the Bucs winless and hopeless, other teams are spraying down the visiting locker room with bleach after they leave in fear of staph infections.

49er16: I also enjoy how the Bucs, err Greg Schiano really believe Mike Glennon gives them a good chance to win. He doesn't. He stunk at NC State and he'll stink in the NFL but good luck with that move Schiano.

The Colonel: I love hard ass coaches like Greg Schiano. I hope there's at least one in the NFL every year. I mean look at how many chuckles Schiano has brought us this season. I mean just look at the Josh Freeman saga. The man is gold.

49er16: I love how there are conflicting reports about whether or not there will be a double-header on Thursday night. I'm surprised the NFL hasn't tried a game on Tuesday night yet. Or Wednesday night. You just know they would love to destroy all the leagues and just play games on every night.

The Colonel: It's about money. I'm sure if NBC or ESPN said give us a double-header on this day, here's our money, the NFL would do it. If you're a network though why would you want one of those weekday games? Not even the Monday night games are good anymore. NBC and that Sunday night slot is what gets the interesting games proving what I've always believed about the NFL, they don't like cable. The NFL has always seen itself as a broadcast network league so the broadcast networks get the good games. ESPN and their own network get the table scraps.

49er16: ESPN wants the NFL, even though they get screwed with bad games, because they can have an excuse to talk about the NFL 24/7. Hell I bet ESPN would actually love it if they could do nothing but talk the NFL because most of the people on their networks don't know anything about any other sports.

The Colonel: Kind of like ourselves!

49er16: Have a good week, folks.

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