September 16, 2013


(Warning: There are spoilers in this post.) 

Confession: I didn't start watching Breaking Bad until about two weeks ago. After several start and stops I just never could get into the series. The first few episodes were just too slow for me. They felt even slower than the first few 'Wire' episodes. I finally told myself just to get through the series. 

After finally getting through the first season* and not liking it very much, I watched the second season. It was very good so I continued and the show continued producing even better seasons. Season 4 was my favorite. The cat-and-mouse game between Walter White and Gus Fring was incredible. I finally caught up to the episode that aired last night**. 

*The first season was only 8 episodes because of the writers strike back in 2008. I believe that strike was a Godsend for this show because the first season in my opinion wasn't very good

**Unlike Bill Simmons I'm not going to pretend that I've watched this show from the beginning

Now I liked Breaking Bad but it wasn't one of my favorite shows. I liked The Sopranos, The Wire, and The Shield more. Breaking Bad had too many cartoon moments (like Gus having half his face blown off or the exploding turtle), Walt White was never a sympathetic character from the start, and the series just kinda dragged on in spots for it to be my favorite show. Last night's episode might have changed my opinion on the show. 

Last night's episode was just one gut punch after the other. The whole episode left me breathless and not wanting to believe what happened. Did Gomez and Hank* really die at the hands of the Nazi's? Did Walt really sell out Jesse and tell him the truth about Jane? Did Walt Jr really find out the truth about his father? Did Walt and Skylar really fight with a knife in the kitchen? Did Walt really kidnap his own kid? All of this happened last night and boy was it emotional. 

*Hank might not have been smarter than Walter White, but he was less naive

I spent the next few hours in a daze after that episode something I haven't felt since the second to last episode of The Sopranos called "The Blue Comet." I'll say this "Ozymandias" was on par with "The Blue Comet". Hank's death left me saddened like Bobby Bacala's death left me saddened. What an incredible episode. 

If judging by that one episode then yes Breaking Bad is on par with The Sopranos and The Wire. And maybe the last two episodes will push Breaking Bad to that level for me. Either way last night's Breaking Bad episode makes me completely forget about the Niners getting their asses kicked again in Seattle. 

A few predictions for the final episodes
- Jesse will probably not survive the Nazi meth lab, but I firmly believe he kills Todd and makes sure Andrea and Brock are okay. 

- Vince Gilligan has always compared this show to 'Scarface'. It's more clearer than ever that Walt uses that M60 and goes out Tony Montana style against the Nazi's in the final episode. 

- Marie definitely starts stealing again. 

- Walt Jr.'s breakfasts will never be the same. 

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  1. I've watched Breaking Bad from the beginning and have enjoyed it. I never got into emotionally like other shows until last night.

    - Walt goes out Scarface style
    - He uses the ricin on Lydia
    - Jesse kills Todd
    - Nazi's kill Jesse