July 3, 2013

Well That Sucked

It was bound to happen and it finally did last night. The Giants got no-hit last night by the Reds Homer Bailey. I'm frankly surprised it hasn't happened in the past five years with how poorly the Giants lineup approaches AB's.

Listen to Kuiper. He called that like the Giants were the ones completing a perfect game. If that was Hawk Harrelson he would have just sat there in silence.

I haven't talked much about the Giants recently because quite frankly they are depressing to talk about. They're injured, they can't hit, their approach at the plate is atrocious, and they're spotty at best in the pitching department. I personally blame Brian Sabean for the current Giants struggles because they have no depth and their minor league system is terrible. That's on the GM. I would have more thoughts on the Giants but it's too early in the morning to start crying.

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