July 26, 2013

The Week in Baseball: 7/21-7/27

(Note: Because I usually begin writing this post on Thursday so a lot can happen between now and when it's posted on Friday. I'll try to update between then and when it's posted so if the links I post are old because of the trade deadline you now know why.)

Biogenesis: While there are many players listed that are connected to the Biogenesis case the first domino fell on Monday when the Brewers Ryan Braun received a suspension for the rest of the season. Braun's relationship with biogenesis began a few months before he was suspended the first time for testing positive for PED's. While a lot of people might want to see Braun leave Milwaukee, owner Mark Attanasio is showing full support for Braun. Jeff Passan says it ridiculous that there's even a notion that Braun's or ARod's contract could be voided. The other big domino in the case is Alex Rodriguez. He's hasn't been suspended yet but if he is, he could possibly face a lifetime ban from baseball. In the least shocking news ever to come out of this story, ARod isn't handling the PR well. Also needless to say teammates are tired of ARod. ARod finally accepted the Yankees rehab assignment.

Speaking of ARod: Not only could ARod face a lifetime ban from baseball but apparently he's taken a page out of Clippers owner Donald Sterling's playbook and is an slumlord. Harball Talk found a story this week where ARod's management company just sold some apartment complex in Maryland that featured apartments with leaky faucets, broken pipes, and rusting bathtubs. What a swell guy.

The Camera Needs a Hug: The hug king Freddie Freeman destroyed a camera in New York. A hug should cheer up the camera.

Trade Rumors: Matt Garza has already been traded but more trade rumors are flying. Cee Angi makes the case for why the White Sox should part ways with young left-hander Chris Sale. Jeff Sullivan points out that Ervin Santana should also be traded away from Kansas City. Sullivan also points out that Jake Peavy is another great trade piece. With Nelson Cruz possibly being suspended because of his link to biogenesis, the Rangers are looking at White Sox outfielder Alex Rios. ESPN has their own trade market page that looks at who possibly could be traded. The Orioles are interested in Astros pitching for some bizarre reasons. The Mariners might hold onto their players for some odd reason. Jon Heyman has posted a bunch of trade rumors but trust his reporting at your own will. Grant Brisbee looks at the bad teams that are refusing to sell off assets. And finally Beyond the Boxscore asks if the Yankees will ever sacrifice the present for the future and does this even apply to them? The Yankees didn't listen and traded for Alfonso Soriano last night.

Allen Craig is Amazing: And no he's not amazing just because he went to Cal. He's amazing because of how well he hits with runners on base. Viva El Birdos has some amazing stats on Craig and his situational hitting and they've found that he's quite amazing hitting with runners on base. Craig cuts down his K rate but his BABIP is a little high but for right now he's holding on.
Gerrit Cole and Strikeouts: Gerrit Cole can throw 100 MPH fastballs but he's not exactly a strikeout machine. Is this a problem? Well not exactly according to Beyond the Boxscore which says that Cole may not be a strikeout machine, he pitches so economically that he benefits from not striking out a lot of batters. He's basically like Matt Cain.

Bazooka Joe Bombs Sabermetrics: Joe Blanton has been demoted out of the Anaheim Angels rotation. And with good reason, he sucks something awful this season. But does he suck or is he just unlucky? Well according to Rob Neyer, Blanton has been incredibly unlucky for 4 seasons now! Blanton's BABIP since 2010 has been an incredible .347 which is so staggering my eyes just popped out of my head. I'll say Blanton has been unlucky while sucking.

Weekend's Best Games: A look at the best games and pitching matchups this weekend.

Friday, Tampa Bay at New York, Hellickson vs Sabathia: The Rays have been red hot while the Yankees have gotten desperate and traded for Alfonso Soriano and his piss poor OBP. Jeremy Hellickson this season is much improved over last year being a full point in terms of FIP, xFIP, and WAR. His matchup against Sabathia should be great.

Saturday, Philadelphia at Detroit, Lee vs Scherzer: I believe when Selig thought of Interleague play he had pitching matchups like this in mind because what a matchup. Lee vs Scherzer. That's pitching porn to me.

Sunday, Cincinnati at Los Angeles, Cingrani vs Capuano: At this point I'm rooting against the Dodgers. With the Giants injured and ineffective I just want to see the Dodgers lose at this point. And what a great Dodgers team to root against. I don't believe I've ever seen a more unlikable Dodgers team before, not even those Lasorda teams.


  1. I think you missed the most important baseball story of the weekend:


    1. Damn. How did I miss that story?

    2. I'm an unapologetic Waffle House fan.

    3. I ate at one in Louisville and got sick. I'm not going back.

    4. Back when I was still drinking at a prolific clip, I ate at one in Kansas City after a Giants/Royals series in 2008. I keep waiting for a Waffle House to make its way to Utah, but as for now, I will settle for a Dunkin Donuts.

    5. I'm still waiting for Steak & Shake to come to Maryland. I really hate having to drive to Pittsburgh area to get a Steakburger.

    6. Steak & Shake is another place that is overrated.

    7. Just no pleasing you today Keith.

    8. Which is weird because I'm overweight. You'd think I love those places.

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