July 15, 2013

Talkin' Baseball: On Vacation

Just 49er16 with you this week. We've finally hit the dead spot in the sporting year. There's nothing on from Sunday night until Friday unless you count the baseball all-star game and the home run derby and I don't. So the Colonel and I are taking off this week and the following Monday until I get back officially on Wednesday July, 24th.

The Colonel himself is also taking some vacation time and I myself is traveling to Springfield, Missouri to see some family. I'm not prepared for the humidity but I'll deal with it. Should be a good time and it's actually the first "real" vacation I'm taking in two years. My normal "vacations" are usually just trips to Reno, the family's cabin, or San Francisco so needless to say I'm looking forward to get out of this area for a while.

As for this blog? kt1000 might have a piece or two while I'm gone or maybe he won't. I'm not going to hold his feet to the fire and say he needs something up everyday while I'm gone. He can post what he wants when he wants if he wants to post at all. I'll be back the following Wednesday and this week will go by fast.

So enjoy some time to yourself as I'll enjoy some time to myself.

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