July 8, 2013

Talkin' Baseball: All-Stars, Struggling Braves, & The Road

49er16: I know a big topic after all-star rosters are filled are who the snubs are and why a manager stuffed (this time being Jim Leyland) his league's team with his own players but does anyone not remember Joe Torre stuffing all-star teams with all of his Yankee players? And I'm not talking about guys like Bernie Williams but he would also bring Mike Stanton to the game.

The Colonel: Oh those were the days when there would be like 8 Yankees on the roster every year. I get managers wanting to reward their guys but yeah Torre used to take to an extreme back in the day.

49er16: I like how the final vote for American League all-stars is a bunch of relief pitchers. I have no idea what that says about the American League? COME SEE OUR RELIEVERS!

The Colonel: As for the NL final vote I hope Puig gets selected and Bochy doesn't play him. That would make me a fan of Bochy forever and ever.

49er16: After Puig's stunt this afternoon (he flipped his bat on a single) it wouldn't surprise me at all if Bochy froze him out of the game. I don't believe though Bochy is that petty or petulant.

The Colonel: I've noticed the Nationals are starting to rise up the standings while the Braves have gone kinda stagnant. I can't say I'm surprised though seeing how inconsistent the Braves hitters have been this season and how much they strike out. It wouldn't surprise me if the Braves have to play the Cardinals again in a wild card game.

49er16: The Braves pitching staff has been pretty mediocre this year and you can't say it's been BABIP'd induced because all the pitchers have a BABIP right around where it should be. They're just walking too many hitters and the Nats are improving. Could this be the end for Gonzalez?

The Colonel: If they slide any further sure? Gonzalez is always been one of those managers that looks better than what he really is kinda like Manny Acta. Yeah they're young and exciting but they're not really that good. Look at how much the Indians have improved since replacing Acta?

49er16: The Braves other problem is that they can't win on the road. They're 4 games under .500 on the road. I'm actually surprised that only 2 of the division leaders play well on the road. Even the A's don't play that well on the road.

The Colonel: And that's why I do like both the Red Sox and Pirates. They can win on the road. I've always believed that teams that play well on the road win championships. Remember the Giants last season? They were great on the road.

49er16: It's why I don't like the Giants this season because of how bad they are on the road.

The Colonel: So is Chris Davis on roids or not?

49er16: Well that's been the everlasting effect from the roid era, it's created cynicism and that has created doubts whether Davis is real or not along with guys like Jose Bautista.

The Colonel: I will say that Davis was always suppose to be a power hitter, but it's hard not to be suspicious when a guy passes his HR total before the all-star break.

49er16: Okay what games are you looking forward to this week? I'm personally looking forward to Pittsburgh vs Oakland.

The Colonel: That looks like it's going to be a great series. I'm looking forward to finally seeing Matt Harvey up close. Texas at Baltimore should also be good along with the Dodgers at Diamondbacks.

49er16: Have a good week folks.

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  1. Baseball seriously put 5 relievers for the final vote in the AL? That might be the most baseball move ever.