July 9, 2013

Giants Make Predictable Move

I'll say this about Brian Sabean, when it comes to free agents he's as predictable as the sun rising in the east. Jeff Francoeur is one of those players that Giants fans joke about when they're talking about Brian Sabean. "Can you believe Frenchy isn't a Giants.......yet?" The "yet" is the doom and gloom word that we all use because we all know he'll be a Giant one day. And that one day has finally come:

The Giants have agreed to terms with outfielder Jeff Francoeur, who is headed to Triple-A Fresno. The deal was first reported by Ken Rosenthal this morning, while the rest of us were trying to sleep off a 16-inning game …

 Francoeur, 29, was hitting .208 with three homers and 13 RBIs when he was designated for assignment by the Kansas City Royals late last month. Francoeur was a bit of a phenom when he was called up by the Braves in 2005. His best season recently was 2011, when he hit .285/.329/.476 for the Royals with 20 homers and 22 stolen bases.

 Way too predictable. Sabean just couldn't resist. You could force him at gunpoint to look at Francoeur's stats on Fangraphs and he would still sign him. I'll guarantee you that when Sabean is asked when he signed Francouer he'll say something along the lines of, "Well he brings a right-handed presence off the bench who brings leadership to the clubhouse." And all of that is bullshit.

My worst fear is this: Francoeur plays well the rest of the year with the Giants and Sabean signs him to a two or three year contract. Because that's what Francouer does. He suckers teams. He might be one of the best professional baseball con artists of all-time. You're charmed by how nice he is, he plays well for a stretch, and then all of a sudden he's in bed with you for a couple of years inflicting his gential warts onto you.

And I don't buy this shit that he'll "platoon" or be a "bench player". Bochy will start him everyday until he finally realizes he sucks.

I thought the Giants hit rock bottom getting no-hit last week. Nope. This is rock bottom. Glad I'm going on vacation next week.


  1. Oh you just know he's going to receive 200 miserable AB's. This move might finally push me to alcoholism.

    1. Well, if you survived the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, I'm guessing you can survive 120 or so Frenchy AB's.

  2. Boy, I picked a heck of a season to get married.