June 26, 2013

The Joy and Despair

The joy and despair last night between Hawk Harrelson and Gary Cohen was remarkable last night in Chicago. With the White Sox needing one out to finish off the game, Gordon Beckham dropped an infield fly that allowed the Mets to tie the game. Listen to their different reactions.

Between Cohen's voice cracking and Hawk angrily sitting there for a while without saying anything makes this clip priceless. Too bad that wasn't the game winning play or Hawk would have been really pissed. But we're talking about the Mets and of course they lost in extra innings. Too bad, I wanted Hawk to sit there quietly while the Mets were celebrating like he did a couple of years ago when Jim Thome hit a walk-off home run against the White Sox

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  1. Many years ago, I called into KNBR when Bob Fitzgerald was filling in on Sportsphone 680 and while I don't remember what the topic was, I wondered how Harrelson has a job. Fitz thought I was smoking the good stuff when he said "hey, I love Hawk Harrelson!" Turns out that Fitz is a life long White Sox fan and thinks Hawk is a midwestern Vin Scully. Let that marinade for a while. You're welcome.