June 6, 2013

MLB Draft Primer

In case you didn't know, tonight is the annual rule 4 MLB Draft*. Teams will select the best college and high school players of the nation. One consensus of this draft is that it's not very deep and there are no Harper's or Strasberg's at the very top. It's like this year's NFL Draft, teams are drafting for depth instead of talent. Here are some links for this year's draft.

*Only baseball is not self-aware enough to look at the calendar and realize they scheduled this thing the same day as game 1 of the NBA finals. They couldn't have scheduled this last Thursday or next Thursday? Only this fucking sport

Here's a couple of mock drafts: First from Baseball America, next from SB Nation.*

*There's no consensus number 1 pick this year. Some have Johnathan Grey others have Mark Appel or Kris Bryant

John Sickles site Minor League Ball covers the draft from top to the bottom. Here are the top hitters, top pitchers, top 400 players overall, individual profiles on the top prospects, and players with signability questions

Baseball America has a huge section on prospects with bloodlines to baseball. Craig Biggio, Roger Clemens, and Jay Buhner all have kids in this year's draft and they all have really dumb names. 

So go ahead and click on the links I provided you (especially the Sickles links) and read up on this year's draft. Watch the first round for a couple of hours and then enjoy the first game of the NBA Finals. (The MLB Draft starts two hours before game 1 so you should be able to see almost all of the first round.) After you're done do what I do and pretend you're an expert in baseball prospects the next day because you watched the MLB Draft. 

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