May 23, 2013

Thanks Michael Bourn

If you look at Michael Bourn's UZR over the years besides the year he was traded to Atlanta from Houston he's always been one of the better defensive outfielders in the game. Well URZ doesn't help you though if you don't complete the catch and let the ball pop out of your glove and into the stands for a home run. Miguel Cabrera should send Bourn a thank you letter for helping him with his 13th home run.

The Indians lost two straight to the Tigers but because of the run they've been on lately they're still a half of game up on the Tigers. This Indians run has been remarkable to say the least. The Indians have had only two days off this month, have had to make up two games with the Yankees, been traveling a lot, and have played three four-game series'. They still have to play four game in Boston, four games against Cincinnati, a series against Tampa Bay and then travel to New York before they get their next break. If the Indians can get through this stretch and still lead the AL Central, then we have to take them seriously as playoff contenders.

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  1. Seems like that type of play happens every year.